Russia, also officially referred to as the Russian Federation is the world’s largest nation, and this can be one of the reasons that can prompt anyone to even travel there. Are you planning to travel to Russia from Nigeria? You will definitely need a Russian Visa to travel out of the country (Nigeria) and there are several types of Visa you can choose from, all depending on your need or purpose of travel. This post is all about Russian Visa Application and how you can apply for a Russian visa in Nigeria.

Types Of Russian Entry Visas

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Private visa
  • Student visa
  • Humanitarian visa
  • Working visa
  • Transit visa
  • Official visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Refugee visa
  • Temporary Resident visa

Russian Visa Application in Nigeria; Requirements and How To Apply

Multiplicity Of Russian Entry Visas

  • Single entry visa
  • Double entry visa
  • Multiple entry visas

Russian Visa Application Requirements  

Before you can receive your entry visa to the Russian Federation, you must appear in person at the Embassy’s Consular Division with the following documents:

  • Your International passport with at least 6 months validity alongside with photocopies of the passport
  • Visa Application Form that has been filled ( with one UK sized passport photograph applicant’s photo (size 30×40 mm)
  • Your Medical insurance
  • HIV/AIDS Test Certificate
  • Receipt of Consular fee payment
  • The original evidence of invitation to enter the territory of the Russian Federation issued to you by the Federal Migration Service or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (telex number required)
  • Permission of Visa issuance from the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (Temporary Resident and Refugee visas)
  • Original and photocopies of a Tourist Voucher issued to you by the Russian travel agency, registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (for Tourist visas)
  • Agreement on tourist services (the photocopy for Tourist visas);
  • An original letter confirming the invitation from the Russian receiving organization/Embassy of Nigeria in Russia/Russian citizen
  • Your legalized Certificate of Birth/Adoption/Marriage/Name Change by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria
  • Agreement of Employment (for Working visa)
  • Certificate of Police Character
  • Certificate of Police Deportation
  • Permit of Residential in Nigerian
  • Permit of Russian Work Permit
  • Your Bank account balance statement with the period of last 6 months.

How To Apply For a Russian Visa in Nigeria

All applicants are mandated to duly fill in the visa application form with their original details and information.  After the application form has been completed filled, then you should print out a copy, signed by you(make sure the signature correlates with your other signature), and submit at the Russia Visa Application Centre together with all the required documents, payments/payments receipt, and passport. Also, you check for the submission closure dates and read the security regulation notices before you go to the Visa Application Centre.

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After successful submission of your Russian Visa Application form, your visa request will be processed and you will be notified if it is accepted or rejected. To collect your visa at the Visa Application Centre, you will be asked to provide the original receipt provided to you during the submission process.