Are you planning to travel to the United States of America from Nigeria? Applying for a US Visa in Nigeria is quite easier than you think,  if you follow the correct guide on how to go about it. With the popular saying that “Knowledge is power”, after going through this article you will be equipped with the right information concerning American Visa application in Nigeria. This article is to enlighten you on how to apply for US visa in Nigeria and also giving you an insight in the type of visa that is suitable for you depending on your travel needs.

To be brief about this, an American visa is a form of attribution/recommendation clearly referenced on your Nigerian passport showing that you are permitted to enter into the US. US Visa is categorized into (immigrants and non-immigrants visa).

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American Visa Application in Nigeria; How To Apply and Other Guide

Types Of American Visa

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa

A non-Immigrants Visa is issued to those who are going to the USA temporarily. Such cases might be for studying, research purpose, tourism or business trips

  1. Immigrant Visa.

Immigrant Visa is issued to those who intend to live as a citizen of the United States of America. That is, they want to fully immigrate into the USA.

Before you proceed to apply for a USA Visa in Nigeria, here are some steps that can serve as a guide, so that you can be on the right part.

Simple Guide On How To Go About American Visa Application in Nigeria

  1. Which Visa is Right for me?

The very first thing to do is determine which Visa is right for you, immigrants visa or non-immigrants visa?  After you must have made a decision on the  right type of Visa you need, you can now proceed to visit any nearest or fast Nigeria Immigration Service office in your locality to process and get a  Nigerian International passport.

  1. Processing the Visa

After you must have completed the first step, the next thing is processing the visa. In this process, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money which varies according to the type of Visa selected, you can pay either with USD or NGN (Nigerian Naira) by using the recommended payment method. This can be done at American Embassy located in Abuja, Consulate General located in Lagos, or online.

To complete this step, you will need to fill a required form known as the DS-160 form which you are expected to fill if you are interested in the non-immigrant visa.

Ensure you do not make any mistake here because this form cannot be modified after submission, go through the guidelines that are attached to filling the form thoroughly and make sure to provide accurate details to each of the requested information. Lastly, the DS-160 form number is unique to only you and will be used to secure the visa appointment for you, you must know it. It is advisable to contact an immigration lawyer before or when filling the form.

  1. The Visa Appointment

Completing the above two steps successfully makes you proceed to this important level where you required to create a profile online with the USA embassy. You can create your profile by clicking HERE.

As a new user, you are expected to click on the new user button where you will be prompted to input your email, create password (make your password is as strong as possible), select country of Visa, and name. Make sure you fill this fields accurately, because a simple mistake might lead to a big problem.

After sign up is complete, a confirmation will be sent to your mail. After confirming your account, access your dashboard and click on the left-hand side of the dashboard, then click on Schedule Appointment. You will need to fill some information before you can schedule the appointment, confirming visa payments and then you can schedule the appointment.

After the appointment has been successfully scheduled, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport confirming your travel to the US.
  • Receipt of Deposit from GTBank
  • A valid contact information showing you own your email and number
  • The 10 digits barcode as seen on your DS-160 Confirmation page
  1. Interview

When done with the above step, an appointment for an interview will be scheduled for you. Remember to be calm as possible so as to provide the same information you entered in the form before the interview and lastly you must appear yourself on the set date for interview as proxy is not allowed.

Following this simple guide will make you American Visa application in Nigeria a success and smoother than you could ever believe. Still have any questions? Simply drop them in the comment box below.