It is no longer news that the popular Keke (Tricycle) and Okada (Motorcycle) has been banned from being a means of transportation on Lagos roads. This decision made by the state government has placed lots of Lagosians in hardship as they do trek long distance than normal on a daily basis. There is good news now, as the Lagos State Mini bus has been introduced to replace the banned keke and okada.

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Check out the images of the newly introduced Lagos State Mini bus.

Lagos State Mini Bus Used to Replace Keke and Okada
Lagos State Mini Bus

The Mini buses where spotted in Allen Avenue in Ikeja, but as at the time this post was written, they are yet to be found in other parts of Lagos.

I think this newly introduced mini bus in Lagos state will serve as a better means of transportation when compared to the former keke and okada. What are your thoughts? Please share in the comment section.