Have you ever been to an east African country either on tour, visit to friends or family members, and perhaps you are willing to do business; Kenya is country you should, as acquiring a Kenyan visa is very easy, and you do not have to pass through rigorous processes. Our aim today is to walk you through the steps of acquiring a Kenya Visa in Nigeria.

Types of Kenya Visa

The main types of Kenyan visas are:

  1. Kenya Tourist Visa
  2. Kenya Transit Visa
  3. Kenya Business Visa

Kenya Tourist Visa

This is a single visa entry issued to the citizens of countries that need visa to enter Kenya, and whose main purpose of visit is tourism. The period of stay is usually for 90 days but is however renewable.

Kenya Transit Visa

This is also a single visa entry issued online to citizens who are passing through Kenya to other countries. It is validity is for a stay of 72 hours.

Kenya Business Visa

This is an entry visa issued to those who wish to do business in Kenya. It is valid for 90 days.

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Kenya Visa in Nigeria: Major Requirements and How to Apply

Kenya Visa in Nigeria: Major Requirements You Should Know

All Kenya Visa types attract a service charge and card handling fee but the amounts differ depending on type of visa.

The basic requirements for the single entry Kenya Visa include:

  • Valid travel document,
  • A blank page on the passport
  • Return ticket.
  • Transit Visa requires an onward ticket while applying. And applicants are required to attach various documents needed depending on the type of travel.
  • Tourists must attach their travel itinerary
  • You also need hotel reservations.
  • All applicants must also attach a clear passport photo that follows set guidelines
  • A clear passport bio-data page.
  • Business travelers must attach an invitation letter from hosting company
  • Copies of registration of the company.

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Kenya Visa Application Form

People applying for the Kenya E-Visa will be required to fill an online form. After filling the form you will pay the necessary fees. You will be required to provide personal information such as full name, date of birth, nationality, profession, and contact details.

  • You will also provide your passport photo
  • Purpose for travel
  • Date of entry and duration of stay depending on the purpose
  • Fill in the name and contact details of your host

You will also provide minor details on the form which differs from one person to another. Note: ensure you fill out all the necessary information because incomplete applications are usually rejected.

Kenya Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian nationals qualify to apply for a Kenya E-Visa. To begin the process, you need to visit E-Visa application website and fill out the form. As soon as you are done, proceed to pay the service and the card handling fee using either your Visa or MasterCard. Normally, the Visa should take two business days to process. After which the online visa will be sent to your account. Print out the Visa and carry it for presentation at the point of entry together with your passport.

Kenya Visa for US Citizens

The United States of America is among the countries that qualify for the Kenya electronic Visa Online. US citizens require a Visa to visit Kenya. US citizens can apply for the E-visa prior to traveling to Kenya at their website.