Maybe you intend to travel to Lagos for the first time (especially if you are coming from outside Nigeria), and you really want to know what is Lagos Nigeria crime rate or what is Lagos Nigeria like? You are asking these questions because you need full assurance of your safety during your stay in Lagos state. This post will serve as a guide as it talks about the crime rate of Lagos state and also gives a brief analysis of the state is safe to live in for both foreigners and locals.

Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate 2018

Lagos state is one of the states located in the South-western part of Nigeria. The state is disputed to be the most populated state in Nigeria going by the official figure from the census conducted in 2006. When you visit the city of Lagos, you will surely notice the large population density of the state even though it is one of the smallest states in Nigeria in terms of landmass. Lagos State is also one of the key states that contribute immensely to the economy of Nigeria, and it also houses the nation’s largest urban area.

Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate and What is Lagos Nigeria Like

Due to the location of the state close to the Atlantic ocean, Lagos is blessed with beautiful beaches and resorts centers which serve as tourist attractions to lots of visitors across the world. Also, as a result of it being an economic hub, the state also attracts lots of foreign investors to the country too.

What is Lagos Nigeria Like? Is it Safe For Both Foreigners and Locals?

As a visitor coming in for the first time, you might probably want to know what is Lagos Nigeria Like and if it will be a safe place to dwell in. As an investor, you will also want to know if the state is safe for business as well, so as not to risk your life and property at the same time.

Just like many big and busy cities in the world, the Lagos Nigeria crime rate is a bit on the high side. There are cases of armed robbery, assaults, burglaries, car theft, kidnapping, extortions, and some other crime across the state. The streets of Lagos also experience some periodic clashes among street hoodlums popularly known as “area boys” in Nigeria.

Despite these little downsides, the crime rate of Lagos does not make it a death zone or a crime spot that should be totally avoided. the security forces of the Lagos state have a high response rate to emergency calls, and they are trying their best over the years to reduce the rate of crime in the  Lagos state as a whole.

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The result of the anti-crime campaign by the security agencies has been tremendous in recent times. Earlier this year, the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode announced that the crime rate of Lagos state has dropped by 65% in the last quarter under review.

The upgrade of security forces in Lagos state in recent years has helped the state fight against crime better. So with these little details and reports, you will agree that Lagos state in Nigeria is safe for both foreigners and locals to reside in, though you can easily avoid some few notorious areas in the state.

I guess your curiosity has been served as you now know the Lagos Nigeria crime rate and you can easily ascertain what is Lagos Nigeria like by now. If you are already staying in the state for some time now, kindly share your own opinion by using the comment box below.