Following the phase 2 ease of lockedown which accommodated a lift of ban on certain activities in the country, the Federal Ministry of Health has released a fresh guideline which must be strictly adhered to by citizens of Nigeria in order to curb the spread of the ongoing pandemic.

This information was made known on the official Twitter handle of the Federal Ministry of Health, stressing how security agencies might be employed where necessary in order to ensure that this guidelines are met.

Tweet of the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria releasing guidelines that will govern the Phase 2 relaxation of lockdown

The rules or guidelines are as follows:

1. Compulsory use of face mask in public places

2. Provision of hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities

3. There must be an observance of social distancing as gathering should not be more than 20 people.

4. There must be an overall observance of the rules guiding the restricted opening of worship centres.

5. There must be controlled access to markets based on the guidelines of the local authorities.

6. Hotels may open but restaurants remain closed.

7. Banks and other financial institution and private companies reopen in normal hours.

8. Government offices open between 9am and 2pm.

9. Schools, bars, gym, cinema, clubs, park garden, hawing and street trading are not permitted.

10. There is a national curfew from 10pm- 4am.

11. Local flights resume but international flights are still banned.