There are many businesses with daily income in Nigeria, and you can choose any of them to invest in and start making money. Like we all know, the quest for white collar jobs is gradually becoming a white goose chase and many graduates are actually looking for better alternatives to start making money. In this post, I will be showing some daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Before proceed, it is important for you to note that some of this business with daily income in Nigeria requires a little amount of capital while some just require you to develop your skills in some certain areas of life, especially in Information Technology. What this simply means is that you can start making money in Nigeria if you have a particular IT skill.

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List of Daily income businesses in Nigeria

Now, let us move to the main purpose of this article, which is to reveal to you some daily income businesses in Nigeria. You can also check out this list of businesses opportunities in Northern Nigeria if you are living in that particular area.

List of Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

Below are some businesses you can start in Nigeria that will surely generate some income on a daily basis.

Popcorn Making Business

This is one of the business you can start with 100k in Nigeria or even lesser. Almost everyone likes popcorn, ranging from children to adult. You can start a popcorn business by the road side even without renting a shop. Al you need to get this business started is to buy some quantity of corn (maybe a bag if you can afford it for a start), sugar, salt, butter, milk, nylon, and a popcorn machine. If you are in a strategic point, just the aroma coming from your popcorn will attract customers. This is definitely one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Food Canteen Business

Selling of food is a good business that attracts daily income in Nigeria; this is simply because everyone must surely eat in a day no matter the circumstance. Even in a very small town, setting up a food canteen business is still very lucrative. All you need to do is to ensure that you set up the food canteen in a very strategic location in the area, and make sure the environment is hygienic and the food delicious. This business runs throughout the season and the demand is still very high.

Hotel Business

As business men move to and fro cities in Nigeria and individual travelers, the need for hotel is growing by the day. You can setup a hotel business in a strategic part of any city in Nigeria, especially the ones that have lots of companies or businesses in it. This is simply because corporate workers and business men always lodge in a hotel whenever they are on a business trip. Hotel business actually requires lots of capital though, so you should make sure you have a large amount of money before venturing into this very business.

Transportation Business

To me, I will say this is one of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria and actually the best. I am saying this simply because people board one means of transport or another as they engage in their daily movement, be it to work or to the market. Depending on the location or state you are in Nigeria, you can start a motorcycle (okada), tricycle (keke), bus or even a taxi transport business. Remember, you must not be the one that will be riding any of these, but you can hire a good rider or driver to be in charge of your transport device. If you start this business, it is a must that you will be generating income on a daily basis.

Online Store

Setting up an online store and marketing your own product or affiliate products can also generate some good amount of to you on a daily basis. Though building an online store require a bit of IT skill and web designing, if you do not have the knowledge you can simply employ the services of an expert. Selling you product through an established online platform is also a good idea, for examples many manufacturers or wholesalers are using this method to sell their products through established online stores in Nigeria (e,g Jumia, and Konga).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means referring a product or service to a customer, and when he or she buys, you will get a particular commission from the seller. You can become an affiliate marketer by referring people either offline or online to a particular seller. Most people prefer to setup an affiliate sites where they describe a particular goods or service and then place their unique affiliate link which then refers the buyer to the site of the seller. You will start generating daily income as you keep referring buyers to respective sellers.

Pure Water Business

Another commodity that people needs daily is water, and the demand for pure or sachet water on a daily basis is a must. Starting a pure water business can generate income to you on a daily basis. You can either setup a pure water manufacturing factory or start selling on a small case, all depending on the capital you have at hand.

Car Wash Business

Car wash business is another lucrative business to start in Nigeria especially in major cities where office workers resides. This is simply because they have little or no time to wash their cars, and for sure they want it to also appear clean. Once you setup a car wash stand in a strategic area, you are good to go. This is why it is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria.


Freelancing simply means working part-time or remotely for a person, organization, or a business. The good thing about a freelance job is that you can work with as many people or organizations as possible; all you need to do is to deliver your job on time. To be a freelancer, you must be good in a particular skill or service. If you are conversant with the internet, you will discover there are many freelance job sites out there. You can register with any one of them, start getting jobs, and then you will be generating daily income for yourself. Like I said, it is a must for you to be an expert with a particular skill that employers will be looking for. This is a daily income business in Nigeria that requires no capital at all.

Online Teaching Jobs

Online teaching job is still an untapped business idea in Nigeria. Many people in this part of the world are yet to start making money out this, but it has been a trend in the western world. As long as you are knowledgeable in a particular field, you can start an online teaching job or create online tutorial courses where people can enroll, pay some stipulated amount of money and start learning. Of course, the money they are paying to learn a particular subject is definitely yours. Do you have a particular IT skill? Can you play a particular musical instrument? Is there anything you will lie to teach? Then setup an online teaching school and start making cool cash from today.


Though blogging is becoming a little bit saturated, but you can start blogging on a different niche from today and start making money. Starting a blog id very easy, but you need to have a good idea why you want to start one. Many bloggers in Nigeria has actually taken blogging as a full time job and they are making good money out of it. So, you too can start a blog today and make money out of it if it is properly done.

YouTube Channel

 I actually noticed that many Nigerians has ventured into creating a YouTube channel especially in the comedy niche. Believe me, they are making a large amount of money from their YouTube channel through YouTube monetization, affiliate marketing or direct sponsorships. Setting up your own YouTube channel is as easy as ABC once you already have a Gmail account, and you can start capturing videos by sung the cameras of your smartphone. Before starting a YouTube channel, have a better idea of what kind of videos you want to create and how will it benefit your viewers or audience. Once your channel has attained a particular standard for monetization, you will start making money on a daily basis.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant simply entails you working remotely from home or anywhere you find comfort. Many corporate organizations or private individuals are actually hiring the services of a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant earns daily, weekly, or monthly, it al depends on the negotiation you had with your employer.


These are some of the daily income businesses in Nigeria and I believe they are still any I didn’t add in this very list of mine. If there are any other ones you still find lucrative, please share with us in the comment section of this page. Also before you leave, kindly use the social share buttons found on this page to share this article with your friends on various social media.