The northern Nigeria has lots of untapped business opportunities as the area has huge potentials for business growth as a result of the large landmass as well as huge population. In this article, I will be showing some top business opportunities in Northern Nigeria which you can venture into any one of them today and start to make profits.

It is also wise for you to note that some of these are lucrative business in Nigeria and might not be limited to Northern Nigeria alone, but the area has an upper hand because of the factors I talked about from the start. So, if you reside in Nigeria or you wish to come and start up a profitable business in the country, below are some of the business that moves fast in Nigeria.

Business Opportunities in Northern Nigeria

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Business Opportunities in Northern Nigeria

There are some business opportunities in Northern Nigeria you can venture in and start making money.

Gold and Jewelry Merchants

 Kano state, which is located in Northern Nigeria, is one of the major commercial cities in the north and second-largest city in Nigeria. One of the thriving business in Kano is Gold and Jewelry, and it host the biggest market in West Africa. If you are looking for big business opportunities in Northern Nigeria, then becoming a gold and jewelry merchant in Kano will be your best option.

You can simply establish your Gold and Jewelry shop in Kano, and then grow your business network in all major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Onitsha. Establishing a gold and jewelry business in Kano is highly beneficial as it will cost you low capital and sourcing for markets is quite easy. People travel from all over Nigeria to Kano just to buy gold.

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Footwear Manufacturing Business

Another good business idea you can start in northern Nigeria is setting up a footwear manufacturing company. The footwear market might seem saturated in the north, but there still exist huge opportunities for investors in this sector. This is another valuable and profitable business opportunity in Northern Nigeria.

Ceramic Production Company

Establishing a ceramic production company does require a very big capital. However, it promises huge return in investment if properly manages. Factors that determine your success in this business includes good storage facilities, a skilled workforce, and your location being near your sources of raw materials. If you want to venture into this business, ensure you have a good network with construction companies since they are your major market.

Vegetable Oil Production Company

Groundnut is one of the crops that is largely produced in Northern Nigeria, and it also the major raw material used in the production of vegetable oil. Hence, if you are looking for business opportunities in Northern Nigeria, you can consider setting up a vegetable oil production company. Establishing this business is the north will cost you less since you are closer to the source of the raw materials needed.

Plastic Manufacturing Company

This is another lucrative business in Nigeria and it has been in existence for a long time in the north. It is a business worth establishing in Nigeria. Although you might be faced with lots of competition, with effective marketing strategies, you will surely thrive in the plastic manufacturing business in Nigeria.

Fast Food Business

The northern states in Nigeria are majorly knows as the food hubs in the country. Establishing a fast food business in this area will be a wise idea since wit will be cost effective as you are closer to the raw materials needed. As one of the business that moves fast in Nigeria, you should consider establishing one in the north.

Training Centers (Education and Skill Acquisition)

It will be another wise idea to invest in education and skill acquisition centers in the North this is simply because that area has not been fully harnessed in northern Nigeria. If you are skilled in a particular field, you can consider setting up a training center that will enable others learn and develop this very skill of yours. These skills can include sewing, shoe making, catering services etc.

In northern Nigeria, there is a wide vacuum in education and you can fill this gap bu providing tutorial classes and preparations for examinations. You can also extend some of this educational service to corporate organizations by teaching their staffs some professional skills.

Wholesale Pharmaceutical Business

If you are a pharmacist or a medical professional, you can easily establish a pharmaceutical store in the north. To make it big, you can establish a wholesale pharmaceutical business in some major cities in northern Nigeria, and you will have customers from all other areas in the north coming to patronize your business.

Corporate Cleaning Business

You will normally find the headquarters of organizations in the capital and major cities in the north. These organizations normally contracts the cleaning of their offices to third-party companies or cleaning agents. You can simply setup a cleaning agency to cater for this need. Though it will take some investment, but it is worth it. This is a profitable business opportunity to start in Northern Nigeria especially if you know how to get contracts.

Gum Production Company

Gum production is a business that is largely done in northern Nigeria. For example, Kano state is the largest producer of gum Arabic which is the raw material used for making gum. Hence, this makes it one of the profitable business opportunities in Northern Nigeria. The target market for this business includes companies that produce shoes, bags, etc.

Cattle Rearing

The rearing of cattle is one of the most popular businesses in northern Nigeria. The business is quite lucrative because you can make money from every part of the cattle – the meat, milk, hide and skin, cheese, hooves etc.


Since most foods in Nigeria are generated from the north, then farming should be a lucrative business in that area. The main crops grown on the north are sorghum, millet, carrots, cowpea, and groundnut.

Sales of Building Materials

Selling building materials is another good business you can establish in the north. The business is quite lucrative in that area because more houses are been built to cover the large land mass.

 Exportation of Agricultural Products

Agriculture is one sector that is greatly thriving in the north as I have mentioned its effectiveness in food production many times in this article. You can simply grow your crops in the north, and start exporting them outside the country. For example, groundnut which is a popular crop grown in northern Nigeria has a high demand for it in foreign countries. You can start exporting one of these foods to various countries abroad who needs it.

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There are many business opportunities in Northern Nigeria but I just took my time to explain a few which you can start today. Before venturing into any one of them, I will still advise you to conduct further research so as to gather much needed information before investing your capital.