There are many business schools in Nigeria today, but it is always wise to enrol in the best in order to get the right education you need. To make things a little bit easier for you, I have taken time to select the best amongst the rest, so that you can easily make your preferred choice. This post is all about the top 10 business schools in Nigeria that can offer you the best education you deserve.

Before I go further to unveil the 10 best Nigerian business schools, let me first of all give you a little bit of insight of what a business school is all about. It is important you have a proper knowledge about this before making your preferred choice among the list.

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Top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria You Can Get The Best Education From

What is a Business School?

A Business school is actually a relatively new kind of business education and training. The schools were designed to develop business qualities and consolidate new business skills to students who enrols in them.

Recently, business education in Nigeria has become a very popular trend. Almost every director of a large firm or company do encourage such kind of education for his or her employees. A self entrepreneur can also study in business school in order to develop his skills and knowledge. Acquiring such education, especially if you are in the field of business, exposes you to great opportunities in Nigeria.

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If you are into business and thinking of enrolling in a business school, you can choose from this list of top 10 business schools in Nigeria. The professional courses offered in these schools guarantee an in depth teaching, and at the same time offers lots of practical knowledge that are similar to the ones taught in States and Federal Universities in Nigeria. Take your time and go through the list which unveils the 10 best Nigerian business schools.

Top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria

Now take a look at the list of the best 10 business schools in Nigeria and some information about each of them.

  1. GPE Business School Nigeria

GPE Business school is a business school that offers high quality business management courses. The school is located in Southeast Nigeria, and it is characterised by very good academic performance. The school is of great advantage for different start-ups and Nigerian businessmen.

  1. Bowell Business School in Nigeria

The number two in my list of top 10 business schools in Nigeria is one of the most successful in the country – the Bowell business school in Nigeria. The school demonstrates perfect academic performance, and you will surely get the best of education you need. For residents in Akure and Lagos, the good news is that you can find subsidiaries of this school in those cities.

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  1. Integrated Business School Nigeria

The Integrated Business School Nigeria is another effective business you in the country. The business school is located in Northern Nigeria, and it was founded in the year 2000. The school already, can boast of many successful graduates.

  1. West Africa Business School

The West Africa Business School is the fifth school in this list of top 10 business schools in Nigeria. One of the advantage of this school is that you can find various nationalities in it. The school is well-known in Africa and you can find its branches in Nigeria as well as Ghana.

  1. Unicaribbean Business Nigeria

Unicaribbean Business Nigeria has a remarkable history of very good academic performance. The business school has only one branch in Nigeria.

  1. Fate Foundation In Nigeria

Fate Foundation is another private business school that offers high quality courses in business. The business school is located in Lagos. Fate Foundation is relatively categorised as a new business educational institution in Nigeria, since it was founded in the year 2014.

  1. The Delta School Of Business and Technology

The Delta School of Business and Technology is located in the city of Warri, Delta State. The school is highly recognised by many Nigerian business experts.

  1. The Executive Business School

The Executive Business School is a very popular and well respected business school in Lagos state. It was founded in the year 2007. The good thing about this school is that it has collaborations with many popular international institutions.

  1. African Business School Nigeria

The African Business School Nigeria is among the first business school in Nigeria, and it is considered to be relatively old. It was established in the year 2000, which means it is roughly 18 years old. The business educational institution is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The school has affiliations with Babcock University in Nigeria, Magner Carter College in the United Kingdom, and Graduate Management School in Cameroon.

  1. Lagos Business School in Nigeria

The Lagos Business School, is considered to be the most successful business school in Nigeria. It is the graduate school of the Pan-Atlantic University, and it definitely deserve a spot in this list. The school is located in Lekki, and it offers courses that exposes its students to lots of opportunities.

Conclusion on Business Schools in Nigeria

With the unavailability of white collar jobs, many Nigerians are already channelling their focus to the business world. Also, so many people working with large business organizations, are on the quest of furthering their education to study business management courses. The real sense is that, Nigerians who have these business degrees are preferred by employers.

If you are in Nigeria and looking for the best, you can choose from this list of top 10 business school in Nigeria and get the desired education you need.