Do you know that the 99% of the so-called olive oil we use in Nigeria is actually Paraffin oil? Therefore, that is the reason why I substituted the name “olive” for “anointing” oil. In this article, briefly, I will be showing you how to produce anointing oil at home even if you are living right here in Nigeria.

How to Produce Anointing Oil at Home in Nigeria

Olive Oil in Nigeria

It is very difficult for you to find the original olive oil in Nigeria (that is the oil that is originally made from olive plant). Even if you do, you will agree with me that is should be very expensive. This is because the olive plant cannot be found in Nigeria, and going by the current exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira to foreign currencies, importing it into the country will attract extra charges.

So, the claim I am actually trying to make is that what most people called “olive oil” in Nigeria, is actually paraffin oil. Let me now show you how to make anointing oil in Nigeria in case you may want to venture into the anointing oil production business right from home.

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Materials Needed For Anointing Oil Production

You will only need two materials if you want to produce anointing oil otherwise known as paraffin oil. These are:

  • White Paraffin oil (the one that is plain white, and not the one that has a little bit of color), because it is edible
  • Oil based color (these are colors that can be mixed with oil)
  • Gas cooker or stove
  • Pot

How to Produce Anointing Oil at Home

Just follow these simple steps

  • Place your dry pot on your stove
  • Turn some amount of paraffin oil, than allow to heat for 30 seconds
  • Add a pinch of the color (this will now give you that olive oil color)
  • Allow to heat for 20 seconds, then you bring it down

You are all set.

Now you have learnt how to produce anointing oil, you can give it a try right from home and see how it works. Kindly share this post with your friends and families if you find it educative enough.