The demand for the latest automobiles and exotic cars in Nigeria is increasing by the day. This may be as a result of the way most celebrities flaunt them on TV. Well, far away from luxury, the main purpose for which cars was invented was to actually make mobility easy for us humans. If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for the best place to purchase your new car, then this post will give you a better guide. It contains the list of top 10 car dealers in Nigeria, you can easily choose from any of them and start patronizing from today.

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Top 10 Car Dealers in Nigeria

Below is the list of top 10 car dealers in Nigeria. You should also note that they are arranged in no particular order.

Top 10 Car Dealers in Nigeria You Should Patronize From Today

  1. Carmudi Nigeria

The car dealer that holds the number spot in this list of top 10 car dealers in Nigeria is Carmudi Nigeria. It is one of the car dealers in Nigeria that have both offline and online stores. Their cars are always of high quality and it consist of various automobile brands.

  1. Lanre Shittu Motors

I am quite sure almost everybody in Nigeria (especially residents of Lagos) are familiar with Lanre Shittu Motors. It is a hotspot for amazing cars, and the car you will find here are always of high quality.

  1. Tejude Motors

This is for sure one of the best car dealers in Nigeria today. They offer both low end and high-end cars, all at affordable rates. Tejude Motors are also known for selling cars if standard qualities.

  1. Cheki NG

Cheki NG is a very popular car dealer in Nigeria as they operate both offline and online. The car dealership website is one of the most visited car dealership websites in Nigeria. They also offer a wide range of car brands you can easily choose from. You can get them on their website by simply visiting

  1. Affordable Cars

Affordable Cars, just as the name implies, offer a wide range of affordable cars for their customers. Mind you, the name “affordable” does not imply you will get low quality cars. It simply means that you will have the opportunity of purchasing standard cars at an affordable price.

  1. Elizade Motors

Elizade Motors is another popular car dealer in Nigeria as it has been around for some amount of years now. You are rest assured of getting the best brands of cars when you visit their showrooms across Nigeria.

  1. Coscharis Motors

Coscharis Motors for sure is one of the top 10 car dealers in Nigeria today and for some years now. This car dealer is very popular in Nigeria, that is has become an household name. Coscharis Motors have a standard in providing high-quality cars, hence, you can also trust them being one of the best car dealers in Nigeria.

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  1. Globe Motors

Globe Motors is among the leading automobile dealers in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of cars you can make your choice from. You have the opportunity if choosing from their regular cars or luxury ones. Their range of car brands includes; Hyundai, BMW, Honda etc.

  1. Banix Motors

Banix Motors is another company you are assured of getting good cars in Nigeria. Although they do not offer a wide range of options, but their prices are quite affordable too. You can purchase but new, and fairly used cars at Banix Motors, and it is one of the best car dealers in Nigeria.

  1. Kefiano Motors

This sums up my list of top 10 car dealers in Nigeria. Kefiano Motors is a company that is well-known for having amazing cars for their Nigerian customers. Making your preferred choice from their range of cars might be a little bit difficult for you, because they are all amazing. To avoid this incident, just stick to the choice you have already made from home. kefiano Motors, however, do sell their cars at a very affordable price.


Like I said from the start, this list of top 10 car dealers in Nigeria is arranged in no particular order. Making your preferred choice simply depends on you. But one thing you are rest assured of is getting the best of quality cars from any of the car dealers listed here. Simply use the share icons on this page to share this post with your friends on various social media, and subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates about Nigeria.