In Nigeria, Uber Ride is a technology-intensive platform that uses a mobile app to create an efficient connection between drivers and commuters. Uber Ride has been in existence for years, and its operations have allowed the people of the metropolis to experience a comfortable driving experience in Nigeria, mainly in Lagos and Abuja. This post is dedicated to giving you all the necessary information about Uber Lagos in Nigeria.

If you are familiar with Uber, you will easily agree that the driving platform is best enjoyed by Lagos and Abuja residents, who have decided to use their smartphone to find reliable transport services.

Uber Lagos Nigeria: How To Become a Driver and Car Requirements

In Nigeria, Uber is gradually expanding its capabilities. At present, the people of Lagos are the biggest beneficiaries of their travels. Therefore, this article will give a good overview of the concept of Uber Lagos.

In short, Uber Lagos shows how oversized operations are spread across the latitudes and longitudes of Lagos. Lagos is without a doubt a cosmopolitan region with an advanced transportation system. As a result, Uber has made Lagos the backbone of its constituency services.

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Many Lagos residents pay to enjoy Uber’s ride. As a resident of Lagos who wants a comfortable ride, you can opt for Uber riding services. In another case, a competent driver who has fulfilled certain conditions has the privilege of working as an Uber driver. And if you are lucky enough to work an Uber driver, you could earn as much as $ 250,000 per week. I guess that is awesome?

Uber Lagos has proven itself in Nigeria – especially in Lagos. By reading this article you will learn everything you need to know about Uber Riding Services in Lagos. Before you proceed further, let me, first of all, educate you briefly on the history of Uber’s story.

Brief History of Uber

Uber is a globally recognized company founded in 2009. It is based in San Francisco, but its operations spread across several countries in the world. For years, Uber has been the choice of many Lagos passengers who prefer comfortable travel services from one part of the state to another. If you are a resident of Lagos who is just learning what Uber stands for and who thinks it is the best riding platform for you, this article will show you how to get started.

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Uber Lagos Driver

Before you can become an Uber driver, you must first download a mobile app (popularly called the Uber app) on your smartphone. You can visit the Google Play Store on your Android phone to get this application right away. In addition, you will find that Uber’s technology uses the mobile app to connect you with the Uber driver closest to your location. In this case, the driver will take you to your destination in the state of Lagos and Uber will deduct the transport price from the bank account associated with your Uber registration. So, it goes without saying that you do not have to pay in cash with the driver. To make this practical, you need to provide important information such as your name, email address, and credit card information in the Uber app.

Fortunately, Uber has been the mainstay of employment for a large number of Nigerians, particularly in the Lagos state. If you plan to work in Lagos, you can opt for Uber’s services as a driver or partner. At the moment, Uber has many riders throughout Lagos, but despite all this, the riding platform is required to hire more drivers to compensate for a large number of residents of the state.

How To Become an Uber Driver in Lagos State

The task of becoming a Uber Lagos Driver requires a few steps. There are 5 different phases in the integration session, which should last a whole day. During this session, drivers will perform multiple tests in areas such as using Uber Mobile App, city knowledge, and aptitude. In addition, each of them must submit their background check data. As part of the background check, each driver undergoes a psychometric test and most importantly, must be able to meet the minimum standards of Uber. To continue with the other steps, such as reserving a driver for the integration session, you can do the following:

  • Step One: For the integration session, Uber can reserve a driver and, if you wish, access your Uber account directly. Go to the partner dashboard. Now go to On the new page, select Add Driver. At this point, you need to download the details of the desired driver. However, you can skip this step in a situation where you do not need a driver or when you have added your driver to the dashboard of your partner account.
  • Step Two: To book a session, you can go directly to this link However, you can ask if you prefer a later date. New appointments are usually dispatched on Fridays. So, it is advisable to watch Friday to choose a later date. Another remarkable point is that you need to enter the details of your driver (including e-mail account and name) in the booking form. To prevent participation in denied meetings, the driver must present the printed copy of booking confirmation.
  • Step Three: Drivers are advised to be well prepared for the sessions. In this case, each driver must provide an authentic driver’s license as well as several other documents, such as his LASDRI card. In the meantime, the driver’s license must be valid for at least 90 days from the expiry date. Another important thing is the style of vinaigrette. In this respect, drivers must be clean and intelligent in appearance. You can wear shirts, but you must not wear jeans. Instead of jeans, they should wear pants. In addition, covered shoes are allowed

Additional Information About Uber Lagos Driver i

On the same day, each driver is allowed to submit details of his background exam. For this submission, a few more details must be provided, including:

  • The details of his two eligible guarantors
  • The details of his previous employer
  • His residential address in full
  • Two passport photos of yourself

If you need more information, you can send your message by e-mail to Alternatively, you can participate in the information sessions of the Uber partners, which are held on Fridays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, the sessions take place at 10:30 am, but on Fridays, you can attend the sessions at 6:00 pm. If you have a reason to book a vehicle inspection, do not hesitate to contact Uber via the link

Additional Information ii

For the integration process, it is necessary to conduct the city knowledge tests on the pilots and Lagos. Significantly, they help identify POIs (places of interest) and appropriate routes.

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Steps to Become an Uber Partner in Lagos

To become an Uber partner in Lagos, make sure that all the necessary personal information (including the necessary vehicle documents) is at your disposal. Then follow the steps below to open an account as an Uber partner.

  •  You must first create a partner profile by visiting
  • Enter the required information and follow the steps below
  • To add your bank details to the configuration: Visit to specify your bank details
  • To add your vehicle to the configuration: Add your vehicle and send the archive below
  • To add a driver to the installation: You must provide the genuine driver’s license of any driver that you want to include in your Uber registration. In addition, you must provide a LASDRI certificate for each driver to add. LASDRI is an abbreviation of Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Card

Uber Lagos Car Documents You Should Provide

To become a registered Uber Partner In Lagos, your vehicle must be supported by the following documents:

  • Vehicle license number
  • Endorsement of Incorporation
  • Tint permit (for tinted vehicles)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate of roadworthiness (provided by the appropriate authority)

Uber Lagos Nigeria Car Requirements

It is important to inform you that vehicles must meet certain criteria before being accepted for riding. Uber accepts a number of vehicle brands including Kia (Cerato), Toyota (both Camry and Corolla models), Honda (Accord), and Nissan (both Altima and Almera). Also for UberBlack, here are the acceptable vehicle brands: Toyota Prado, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW.

Most importantly, a car cannot qualify for Uber riding services unless it meets the following criteria:

  • Vehicles must be authenticated with valid insurance documents
  • The vehicles must be provided with valid vehicle inspection reports
  • Each vehicle must be properly equipped with four doors (vehicles with only two doors are not allowed)
  • For UberX vehicles must be 2007 or newer models (eg 10 years old or newer models)
  • UberBlack and UberX vehicles must be sedan models (hatches are not allowed)
  • For UberSELECT vehicles must be 2013 or newer models (eg 4 years old or newer models)
  • Vehicles may not be smaller than 1750 mm in width
  • No adoption of large 15-passenger vehicles such as Ford Crown Victoria, Van, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Towncars
  • Vehicles must carry clear and vivid titles on their bodies
  • If the vehicle is used in the Uber system, the mileage of the vehicles must not exceed the limit of 100 000 km
  • For each vehicle, interior components such as air conditioning and radio must be functional
  • Vehicles must be equipped with seat belts (including the driver’s seatbelts)
  • For each vehicle, the driver must present a valid LASDRI card next to the driver’s license
  • Only one driver is allowed for each account assigned to a vehicle. Here the account carries only the name of the driver

Complete List of Accepted Uber Cars in Nigeria

Uber has an extensive list of vehicles that are accepted for its riding services in Nigeria. This list accommodates many Nigerians to become Uber drivers because it includes a considerable number of vehicle models. To make this list understandable, we will classify the vehicle models for each vehicle brand (eg Toyota) into the two known Uber classes, which are UberX and UberBlack

Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models Under UberX

Vehicle BrandsVehicle Models
BMW3 Series
HyundaiSanta Fe
JeepGrand Cherokee
KiaRio (2014 newer)
Lexusgs 350
Lexuses 350

Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models Under UberBlack

Vehicle BrandsVehicle Models
BMW7 series
BMW5 series
Land RoverRange Rover Sport
Land RoverRange Rover
Land RoverLR4
LexusrUberX 450
LexusrUberX 350
LexusIs 460
Lexusgs 460
Lexusgs 450
Mercedes BenzM-Class
Mercedes BenzGL-Class
Mercedes BenzG-Class
Mercedes BenzE-Class
Rolls RoycePhantom
Rolls RoyceGhost
SuzukiGrand Vitara

These sums it up on all the necessary information you need to know about Uber Lagos, how to become an Uber rider in Lagos and genera; Uber Nigeria Car Requirements. You can subscribe to this site by entering your email in the subscription box found on this page. This is to allow us send updated and important information about Nigeria straight to your inbox.