In what seemed to be an impromptu visit that turned into a high-powered gathering of Accord members and supporters across the two zones – Ohafia and Abam, Bishop Nwamkpa expressed joy for the love and hospitality accorded him even when he has not come for the campaign proper, promising to change the face of Abia state when he takes over the helms of affairs as the elected governor.

Bishop Nwankpa Promises a Better Abia During a Visit to Ohafia and Abam

Like on many fora, the experienced clergy of over 28 years on the pulpit reassured the people that he was not contesting to win novelty races but to affect the lives of Abians positively by ensuring better welfare and development across the state.

Bishop Nwamkpa decried
The deplorable state of Abia due to instituted maladministration has seen her to the lowest rungs of the ladder of sister states in the South East and promised to make spirited efforts that will place her back to the mainstream as one of the best states in Nigeria.

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He decried the rate of insecurity, and unemployment among the youths which has drastically increased restiveness and cultism among the youths and blamed it on dilapidated infrastructure that has chased companies away from Abia state and deepened the unemployment rate. He assured the excited supporters that he will do his best to change the narrative so that Abia’s state will progress.

“Nobody will deceive us with party in 2023, we are going to vote for men that are competent and can deliver leadership to the state. When they come to you to preach and make empty promises, ask them where they are coming from and what is their antecedents. What have they been able to do on their own as private citizens to improve the lives of the people, what is their job? Are they finding jobs in politics to help themselves? How have they performed in the management of men and resources that should warrant you giving them your votes again to suffer for the next eight years?

“We have come to take back our state to make it better for all of us, we have come to rebrand our state to truly be a place for us to be proud of, I am the right man for the job, Accord is the vehicle to Abia redemption come 2023”, he assured.

Meanwhile, Bishop Nwamkpa assured Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie that his work will be rewarded with victory as he has done a lot to mobilize and sensitize Arochukwu for the party.

Present in his entourage to the residence of Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie in Abam were all the state Excos, youth, and women leaders, the same team that also accompanied him when he visited the home of his Deputy Prince Okpere Udo to address Ohafia youth.