The Accord Party Governorship Candidate for the 2023 Governorship election in Abia State, Bishop Emeka Nwamkpa has debunked the notion in some quarters that Abia State may be cursed because it has been unlucky to be led by men without clear-cut direction or political will to effect the needed development, saying that this is not a sign of being cursed, rather an unfortunate situation of being led by men who, hitherto, placed the personal interest of few elites above the welfare of the people. He said he is in the race to address such, and change the status quo.

Bishop Emeka Nwankpa

Bishop Nwamkpa, the only candidate that has provided hope and succor to the youths and widows for a very long time bared his mind on this topical issue when he spoke to a powerful media team who paid him a fact-finding visit in his country home as he prepares for his annual youths and widows’ empowerment event scheduled to happen on 2nd January 2023, he said that he is not in the race for Abia Government House to seek for what he doesn’t have, but to inject the needed idea that will be backed by the right political will that will put Abia state back in the map as truly God’s-Own-State.

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“Abia State has been a shadow of herself for over 2 decades, not because she is cursed, but simply because she has been unlucky to be steered by men who did not only lay bad foundations but equally lacked the political will to move with the tide of development.

“This is more because most of her leaders lacked direction, they didn’t know exactly why they were in power, they allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by the clout of ” His Excellency”, and ended up not having any effective plan to govern. of course, time flies, and in the end, they see themselves being booted out by time when they were still grappling with indecision, they end up forcing their stooges on the citizens who in turn focus more on carrying out the will of the master, defending impunity and mediocre while jettisoning the welfare of the people who are supposed to be their primary focus, I am here to change all that.

“Abia State has been in the dark for too long. This is the time to insist on competence, this is the time Abians must insist on the best, not based on sentiments and bigotry, but based on capacity, capability, and good antecedents. This is time to ask the men who have turned to professional politicians what they plan to do for the people. Are they gunning for power to get employment for the next four years, or eight years as the case may be? Where are they coming from? What have they done on their own to improve the lives of the people around them?/What are their achievements, and how do they plan to move Abia State forward? Let Abia choose men that can practically and sincerely answer these pertinent questions, then we will see a drastic turnaround.

“Abia State is not cursed, Abia State simply needs Emeka Nwamkoa to steer her out of the woods and place her back on her status as truly God’s state. We must never make another error of choosing men that do not know our plight and are not able to identify the “Abia Questions”, let alone provide answers to them”.

Abia has hope with Bishop Emeka Nwamkpa!
Abia has better chances at redemption with Accord Party.
Nwamkpa is a builder and a reformer. Let’s give him chance to rebuild the state, Abia is blessed, not cursed.

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