The convent program of the Accord Party Governorship Candidate of the 2023 gubernatorial contest in Abia State, Bishop Emeka Nwamkpa, is no longer a new story in the lives of Abians. A special event he has used to sustain widows of Abia State as he has pragmatically fit himself into the reality and circumstances of these women by being a husband to them through providing annual Christmas packages to give them succor and care during the festive period.

Bishop Emeka Nwankpa, the Accord Party gubernatorial candidate in Abia State.

Undoubtedly, this year’s event coincided with his political activities of 2023, and one would have naturally expected that such a capital-intensive exercise would be jettisoned, especially at a time the popular bishop is undergoing another capital-intensive project as big as the governorship race. But it is not so for the hardworking clergy who will rather suspend his campaign activities to fulfill his covenant with God.

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Speaking to the press on the reason for the delay of the event from the known date of 29th December 2022 to 2nd January 2023, he explained that the shift was necessary because the event is a special one that he is not ready to compromise for any reason as it is his divine covenant with God, He understands that carrying it out when some materials he expected is delayed will mean him not fulfilling it to his taste and standards, hence the shift in date to enable all the items to be in place.

“I have set a standard over the years on this special event and that standard cannot be compromised because this is a period I use to renew my covenant with God. This program does not have any connection to my governorship aspiration, which is why my campaign must be suspended until the event is carried out.

“For this year, there was a little delay in the arrival of material needed to carry out the annual exercise of feeding, clothing, and caring for widows, as a result, the date for the event has to be adjusted pending the arrival of the whole materials because these widows are my covenant with God, their welfare is a priority that I give extraordinary attention to.

“One fact everyone must bear in mind is that this event is no holding as a campaign tool for 2023, No! I am not an emergency politician, I have established good antecedents over time and these antecedents speak of my commitment to Abians and my preparedness to change the welfare of the widows, the orphans, the less privileged, and the vulnerable in our society” he said.