The people of Ozza Asa Umu Nteke in Ukwa West Local Government of Abia state, received Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwamkpa as he came on a familiarization of the LGA to acquaint himself with the people on the reasons why they should give him maximum support to become the next governor of Abia State in 2023.

Bishop Nwamkpa promises Scholarship to youths, Grant to Women of Umu Nteke, Ndoki

During the interactive session with the youths, women and men of the community that gathered to receive him, Bishop Nwamkpa touched on salient issues bothering on the deplorable condition of the zone and the dilapidated nature of infrastructure within the LGA, a supposed oil producing area that gave Abia the status of oil producing state and its attendant derivations, insisting that such an LGA that feeds Nigeria should not be in such a sorry state of squalor due to neglect of successive administrations. He assured them that he has come to change such narratives.

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Speaking further, the seasoned clergyman reminded the people of Asa Nteke not to repeat the mistake of voting people that will continue to grow fat from their collective wealth while the people suffer endlessly.

“Ukwa LGA is the cash cow of Abia State that must not be left to die of hunger and starvation due to neglect. The sons of this LGA should have education, they must have good roads, better health facilities and responsive government that listens to the plight of the people.

“When I become the governor of Abia State, I will give grant to women to support their businesses so that they can support their husbands. I will build a centre for training of youths to be artisans so that when they are trained, they will be empowered with money to establish their self to be self reliant and have hope in life” he promised.

He also touched on the need to have a people oriented leadership that will understand that workers deserves their wages because any government that allow workers to travel for Christmas without salary is evil before God and before man, such human being has no conscience. The maverick preacher of the word reminded them that if he can feed over 4000 widows from his pocket, have about 77 students in the University under his scholarship and another 42 abroad. About 123 in secondary school who direct beneficiaries of his physiotherapy program, them he can do more when he is given the opportunity to lead the state because he has managed resources and humans and has all it takes to redirect Abia State to the path of development and total emancipation.

At Ndoki in Ujwa East Local Government Area, Bishop Nwamkpa to the people that when the politicians come with their empty promises, they should ask them few questions. Number one is to find out if they know the problem, and if they can provide solutions on how to solve it because if we mistake again, Abia will be bad for the next 8 years. He said they should hold him by his words because he has been a teacher for 28 years and will return to the pulpit after contesting. In order words, if he renegade on his promises or fail Abians, he cannot go back to because he will have nothing to preach.

“I am contesting because the case is now difficult and if I don’t contest this election I will not forgive myself. I Have integrity, what do you have to offer? ABIA has suffered, give us a leader.

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