In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, there are those who simply stand out, transforming their passion into a thriving career that leaves an indelible mark on their industry. Ubani Norah, a name that resonates with innovation and creativity in event planning, is undeniably a name personality you can count on. With boundless enthusiasm and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Norah has carved a niche for herself in the competitive world of event management.

Meet Ubani Norah: An Entrepreneur and Event Planner Extraodinaire

In this article, I invite you to embark on a journey through the life and accomplishments of Ubani Norah, an entrepreneur and event planner extraordinaire. Join us as we explore her remarkable story, her entrepreneurial spirit, and how she has redefined the art of event planning, one celebration at a time. Prepare to be inspired by her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making every event a memorable masterpiece.

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Ubani Norah’s Education and Career

Ubani Norah is a graduate of Environmental Resource Management from Abia State University, and an she is a renowned Entrepreneur.

She is the CEO of Norax Pebbles, a firm she started as a student.

Ubani Norah, CEO of Norah Pebbles

Norax Pebbles makes some of the most creative fashion accessories in South East Nigeria and beyond.

Her products range from fascinators, to hats, flowers, etc.

The attention to details and unique approach to the crafting and production of these artistic and very unique fashion accessories brought her fame way before she graduated from the University and through this business, she had become an employee of Labour, as a student.

Her pet project “Back to School with Nora” has affected the life of school pupils across Abia State, sending a very significant number of students back to school, who otherwise may have just remained as hawkers and child labourers.

She is also the creative director of Noraxpebble Event, the first event planning brand in Abia state, an award-winning event management brand that plans events within and outside Nigerian. It has been noted that this firm is efficient and thorough.

She has worked with notable brands like UBA, Supa komando, Odogwu Bitters as their events planner

She is an Award holder from the Abia State Government “Abia 30 under 30 Award”, She won the Most Influential Youth Award in Abia in the year 2021,

Ubani Norah is a true creative, an Influencer, a philanthropist, an astute businesswoman, and a round inspiration to youths and young women in Abia.

Speaking with Pavamedia , a personal branding firm, cently, Nora pointed out that Norah Pebble Event is a brand built out of passion before it metaphorsed into professional event planning.

She said, “I used to help my friend organize their events for free, cause I’m creative and pay attention to detail, let’s say I turned my passion into profit.”

The mastermind behind the fledging firm insists that she loves what she is doing.

“I love it I would have still been a wedding planner if there was no pay. I know there is no smooth ride to success and I also know there is a happy ending for those who believe and work towards it”, she recounted.