High Chief Ikechi Emenike is an Economist, a Financial Analyst, a publisher, and a distinguished Entrepreneur. He is also a politician. Born on April 10, 1957 at Umukabia Okpuala, Ohuhu, in Umuahia North Local Government of Abia State, Emenike is imbued with a unique combination of intellectual acumen, untiring energy, passion and patriotism. For over three decades, he has provided a positive voice for African opinion at such international fora as the IMF/World Bank meetings, the United Nations General Assembly, the African Development Bank meetings, African Union summits among others. For him, any other matter, which collides with the interest of his native Nigeria or Africa, should give way.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike Biography and what you should know about the politician from Umuahia, Abia State.

Chief Emenike, a well known development economist, believes strongly that no sub-Saharan African country can truly develop if it does not achieve double-digit growth. He has consistently advocated this when later-day noisy converts were spurning the idea. For Chief Emenike, double-digit growth can easily be achieved by expanding the economic space and creating more opportunities for more citizens to participate in national development. In the pursuit of development, he believes that while attention is paid to the growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), greater focus should be on the behaviour of Gross National Income (GNI), which paints a better picture of the nature and structure of economic growth. For him, it will certainly yield higher gross domestic happiness (GDH) than any quantum leap in jobless GDP growth. To Chief Emenike, Nigeria is confronted with several challenges. But two stand out: Huge Unemployment and Crippling Energy Crisis.

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High Chief Ikechi Emenike Education

Chief Emenike attended Methodist Kindergarten and Methodist Prima

High Chief Ikechi Emenike Career

In all his working life, he has been engaged in knowledge


Chief Emenike is today Chairman of D.E.R Group Limited. He is also chairman of:
(1) Development Associates Limited, consultants to the African Development Bank (AfDB) and several other multilateral institutions.
(2) Economic Publications Limited, publishers of The Economy newspaper
(3) Emenike Properties Limited, real estate developers and owners of Emenike estates
(4) Emenike Farms Limited, an integrated poultry and piggery
(5) Multilateral Products Limited, a logistics and sourcing company
(6) Financial Power House Limited, a manpower training firm
(7) Development Publications Limited, publishers of The African Economy, Banking & Finance magazines and AnnualMeetings Daily newspaper
(8) Compendia Ltd, publishers of Standard English, Standard Literature, Standard Mathematics, Standard Integrated Science, Standard Economics and others in the Standard series. It also publishes the Sights and Sites series, amongst others.


Apart from numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, Chief Emenike has also authored/edited Nigerian Economic Diplomacy and Development; Customer Protection in the Nigerian Banking System; 30 Years of Central Banking in Nigeria; ECOWAS Financial Directory; Nigeria Foreign Exchange Policy Trends; Directory of Public Institutions in Nigeria, among others.


Chief Emenike is to married Ambassador Uzoma E. Emenike, Ph.D, who is currently serving as the Nigeria Ambassador to the United States of America.