The Benue state government is planning to reopen schools (primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions) after they have been closed since March as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This post contains all you need to know about the resumption of schools in Benue state, which entails resumption date, and all the necessary guidelines schools should adhere to.

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Professor Dennis A. Ityavyar Press Briefing on the Resumption of Schools in Benue State.

Highlights of Prof Dennis A. Ityavyar’s press briefing this afternoon

  1. All Benue schools (public and private) will reopen on Monday, September 21, 2020
  2. This means that primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the state will resume academic activities on that day
  3. The resumption is for the first term of 2020/2021 academic session
  4. The first term will end on 18th December, 2020 while second term of 2020/2021 session is to commence in January 2021 and end in March 2021
  5. On cancellation of the third term, here is the Government’s decision as presented by the Education Commissioner:

“Let me emphasize on the issue of school fees so there is no confusion because if third term is cancelled, school fees for the term is also cancelled. But in the case of JSS 3 and SSS 3, parents are expected to pay their third term fees. However, those who have not done third term, they don’t need to pay fees and this applies to private and public schools”.

  1. All tertiary institutions must be fumigated and COVID-19 protocols strictly observed.
  2. Parents are to provide facemasks and hand sanitizers
  3. School authorities to provide hand washing facilities and monitor compliance with social distancing in classroom sitting arrangement
  4. Schools with high population are required to operate morning and afternoon sessions to avoid congestion
  5. Strict monitoring will be carried out to ensure compliance in all Benue schools.