Lagos state serve as the main center of shipping companies in Nigeria, this is basically because of the location of the Apapa sea port. Shipping industry in Lagos has added immense economic value to the growth and GDP of Nigeria. Little wonder, the business of shipping companies have great profit attached to it. In this article, you will get to see 10 popular shipping companies in Lagos and their contact addresses.

In December 2018, Nigeria’s import rate increased to a massive N943.6 Billion. 88% went to manufactured goods, leaving the remaining 12% to raw materials. When you compare this percentage to that our export rate, you will discover that the economic powerhouse of Nigeria is based importation.

10 Popular Shipping Companies in Lagos, Nigeria, and their Locations

Based on importation, the major countries Nigeria trades with are China (the highest based on amount spent on importation of goods from the country), followed by India, then Germany and United Kingdom. Other countries include; the Netherlands, South Africa, and France.

When you look at the amount spent on importation, you can easily agree that shipping companies are making real profits in Nigeria However, not all licensed shipping companies operating in Nigeria are equal. Some are better in terms of service delivery, cost and the arrays of services they offer compared to others.

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Now Let me introduce you to the 10 popular shipping companies in Lagos, Nigeria that are fully registered. You should also note that this list does not serve as a recommendation, before you do business with any of the under listed, kindly conduct a proper check and research on any of your choice.

10 Popular Shipping Companies in Lagos, that are Full Registered in Nigeria

Balaguer Limited

Balaguer Limited is a fully indigenous shipping private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria with its registered offices at Port Harcourt. The company also maintains its corporate headquarters at Apapa Lagos.

The company is licensed by the Nigeria Maritime Authority (NMA), Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) and Nigeria Customs Service.

Among other services, Balaguer Limited provides Off–Shore logistics support as well as custom brokery. According to the information provided on their website, their service cut across airports and seaports.

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Admiral Maritime Shipping Nigeria Limited

Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited is one of the top shipping companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

This company is into cargoes, freight services, consultancy, clearing and forwarding etc. The company is licensed by the relevant agencies.

The company’s office is located at at 29 Burma Road Nasco House 2nd Fl, Apapa, Lagos.

Ayolas Cargo & General Services

Ayolas Cargo & General Services is a top shipping company mainly into the importation of computer accessories, computer hardware, manufacturing and offering computer, laptop, mobile phones.

They also among other things, offer shipping and freight services among others.

This company is located on 129, Agege Motor Road, Alakija, Idi-Oro, Lagos.

Cloverleaf Shipping Limited

Cloverleaf is a shipping company that offers shipping of goods and services from Nigeria to the UK.

The company have affiliations with international shipping companies and have been in the maritime industry for many years.

Cloverleaf Shipping Limited is located at 1 Warehouse, Apapa, Lagos.

Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited

AAntwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited is one of the best shipping companies operating in Nigeria.

This company offers shipping services ranging from shipping of goods and cargoes to other shipping services.

Their office address is located at Apapa, Lagos.

Tiger Shipping

Tiger Shipping is located at 9, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos State. This shipping firm is one of the top shipping companies licensed to operate in Lagos state.

Tiger Shipping offers fleet of vessels designed to carry liquid bulk products, vessel charter services, tanker tonnages for bunkering, coastal trade in petroleum products and crude oil lifting.

Air Sea Freighter Limited

Air sea Freighter Limited is a shipping company incorporated in 1992. However, it wasn’t until 1998 before they started operations.

Their services include Shipping, Freighting (Clearning and Forwarding) Transportation and Consultancy amongst others.

Air Sea Freighter Limited is located at No. 213, Aba Road, Opp. Shell RA, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt.

Alan Caray Technical Ltd.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Alan Caray Technical Ltd is a force to reckon with when it comes to shipping in Nigeria.

This company has it office located at Apapa, Lagos State.

Antonio Assaf & Sons (Nig) Limited

Antonio Assaf& Sons (Nig.) Limited is one of the leading players in the shipping industry in the country.

Since its establishment, it has grown to be some importers saviors. Just like many of the other shipping companies, it office is located in Apapa, Lagos.

Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited

Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited offer first class shipping services and always deliver fast and are also located in Apapa, Lagos.


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