Saudi Arabia, which organized a meeting in Jeddah to facilitate a settlement in Ukraine, along with several other countries, has put forth its own peace plan, as reported by DPA.

Saudi Arabia Tenders Peace Plan to Facilitate Settlement in Ukraine
  • According to the agency, the plan includes a ceasefire, prisoner exchange, preservation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and the initiation of peaceful negotiations under the supervision of the United Nations.
  • Talks about Ukraine are not necessary until “Kiev pleads for mercy”, stated Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Commenting on the Jeddah meeting, he emphasized that the negotiation process will only succeed with the participation of both conflict parties and the consideration of existing realities.
  • Moscow will discuss the outcomes of the consultations in Jeddah with BRICS partners, stated Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia. He is confident that Western attempts to mobilize the Global South in support of Kiev’s “peace plan” are destined to fail.
  • There is currently no basis for an agreement with Kiev, and Moscow will continue its special military operation in the foreseeable future, stated Peskov to The New York Times.
  • When asked if Russia plans to annex new territories of Ukraine, he said, “No. We only want to control all territories that are currently specified in our constitution as ours.”