It is quite obvious that the aviation industry in Nigeria is one of the lucrative industries to work, perhaps the same goes for other countries in the world. Professionals found in this industry include Pilots and Air hostesses. This post will give you an insight on the salaries of Pilots and Air hostesses in Nigeria.

The pilots are the fundamental personnel in the aviation industry. Pilot is one important profession many children in Nigeria want to become when they grow up, just like lawyers, engineers, and doctors.

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The aviation industry is a profitable industry; this is because of the high volume air travelers on a daily basis. Study has proven that the industry has about $8 billion worth of goods transported by air every day. This simple explains why pilots and other cabin crew officers who are involved in air transportation are well paid. Now let us look at the salaries of pilots and air hostesses in Nigeria.

Salaries of Pilots and Air Hostesses in Nigeria

Salary Structure of Pilots in Nigeria

Pilots are basically divided into two; fixed-wings and rotary wings pilots.

A fixed-wing aircraft is an aircraft which is capable of flight using wings that generate lift caused by the vehicle’s forward airspeed and the shape of the wings.

A rotor-craft or rotary-wing aircraft is heavier-than-air flying machine that uses lift generated wings called rotary wings or rotor blades that revolve around a mast.

Pilots in these two wings have a different salary structure. A fixed-wing pilot earns less than a rotary-wing pilot. A fixed-wing pilot salary starts at N250,000, which is relatively low. However, as he or she builds his or her flying hours and progress from mere First Officer (FO) to Seniour First Officer (SFO), then to Captain, they will start earning slightly over $3,000 to $8,500. This totally depends on what client their company is flying for and their type ratings.

Fixed-wings give pilots the shortest route to become a Captain with fewer earnings. The reveres are the case for rotary wings. It’s therefore advisable for those that are about 30 years to start with fixed wings, and when they become a captain, convert to rotary wings.

At the moment in Nigeria, helicopter pilots flying for Shell earns more than their counterparts but they would need an AW139 rating. Airline pilots outside Nigeria could earn up to $10,000 to $25,000 every month. For example you cannot compare the salary of an Emirates Pilot to that of our local Air Peace pilot.

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Generally, the salaries of Pilots in Nigeria are based on the following;

  • Years of experience
  • Type ratings
  • Flying hours
  • The airline
  • Rank of the pilot

Salary of Pilots in Nigeria Based on Type Rating

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Presently in Nigeria, a fresh pilot from the Nigerian Aviation School with a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), but without Type Rating, may face a challenge of securing an aviation job in Nigeria. If he or she eventually gets a job with an airline that will be willing to send him or her for a Type Rating course, the pilot may be paid a salary between N200,000 to N500,000 per month, depending on the airline.

A First Officer

A Nigerian Pilot with a type rating ( a first officer) may be paid a salary between N300,000 to N800,000. This basically depends on the airline that employed him or her, and the aircraft the pilot is rated on, and also his or her flying hours.

The Authority on the Aircraft

Conclusively, a Nigerian pilot who is a Captain (the authority on the Aircraft) earns a salary between N500,000 to N1.5million every month. This specific salary again, depends on the airline and aircraft he captains. For example, a Cessna Captain cannot earn the same salary with a B737 captain.

The salaries of local pilots in Nigeria could be up to N350,000 to N800,000 per month, depending on ranks. While, N1 million to N2 million are paid to an aircraft pilot working for an international airline company.

Salary of Air Hostesses in Nigeria

To become an air hostess in Nigeria entails the same process like that of other countries in the world. In Nigeria, there are two ways to acquire the training. The first, you need to pass through the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria, Kaduna State, where you will pass through an 8-week training that cost about N400,000 (price varies with time). The second means entails you enrolling in any Aviation training centers in Nigeria which are privately owned.  Having a degree from a tertiary institution is not mandatory, but it can serve as an added advantage. Also, learning a foreign language, as well as having good customer relation skills is very vital for getting the job.

Salaries of Air Hostesses in Nigeria

The salaries of Air hostesses in Nigeria falls between N100,000 to N300,000 per month, and this is also based on the airline they work for. This figure however, does not include allowances and bonuses which can make the total salary to vary slightly. Most air hostesses also gets tip from passengers from time to time.

This post gives you an overview of the salaries of pilots and air hostesses in Nigeria, it is just an eye opener of what you are about to receive if you are aspiring to venture into the profession. You can kindly use the social share buttons on this page to get this message across to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.