What is the procedure for change of name in Nigeria? This is an important question many people are asking today in Nigeria, especially because of the urgency or need to actualize the change. In this article, I will be revealing to you the processes involved and how you can easily carry it out yourself. Ensure you read from the top to the end to get all the important details, and also share this article with your friends on various social media because you do not know who might be in need of this important information on change of name process in Nigeria.

There are many reasons why people will like to change their name. For example, ladies will like to carry out a change of name after marriage just to reflect their husbands name while still retaining former credentials. Errors in name spelling can also make one to undergo a change of name in Nigeria passport, or their financial bank accounts. If you fall in any of these categories, then this article is meant just for you.

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Major reasons why people want to know the procedure for change of name in Nigeria.

  • Change of name after marriage, for women
  • Divorce: when a woman decides to revert back to her former name before marriage
  • Correction of name error in bank account
  • When a name on an international passport or identity card is not the same as the current name of an individual
  • Correction of name in school certificates, etc.
Procedure for Change of Name in Nigeria after Marriage, Bank Errors, International Passport etc

It is also important for you to know that as a Nigerian, you have the legal right to change your name as long as you are 18 years and above. This is the legal age of which a person is termed mature in Nigeria. However, there are certain exceptions when it comes to change of name in Nigeria.

Exceptions to Change of Name Process in Nigeria

They are as follows:

  • You are not allowed to change your name legally if you are doing it in order to escape debt or crime.
  • You also are not allowed to change your name if you found that the intentions are to mislead the public or commit a crime.
  • In order to do a change of name in Nigeria, you must be an adult. A child (minor) cannot legally change their name without the consent of his/her parent or guardian. The parent/guardian of the child fills the form for the change of name.
  • There are certain kinds of names that you would not be allowed to use when you want to have a change of name in Nigeria. Such names include those that are intimidating, considered offensive, racial, going against tribes, or obscene.

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Procedure for Change of Name in Nigeria

The procedure for change of name in Nigeria is very simple like I stated from the beginning. Below are the legal steps you can take to carry out a change of name process in Nigeria be it for any reasons, such as change of name after marriage, change of name in bank account, change of name in Nigeria passport and so on.

Swear an Affidavit in Court

An affidavit Is simply a document that contains a sworn statement that is made under an oath and affirmed before an authorized officer of the court. You can simply walk into any court nearest to you and ask for the processes involved so as to get it done.

Publish a Notice of Change of Name in a National Newspaper

After you have sworn an affidavit, the next step is to make an arrangement for your new name to be published in at least one recognized national newspaper in Nigeria. This is simply to notify the general public that you have officially changed your name.

When you must have done this, you will then get your new name printed in Nigeria’s official gazette. This is achieved by sending an application to the documentation department of publication at the civil registry. Request to publish your new name in Nigeria’s official gazette. This should cost you a fee of about N5,000 or more.

The following documents should be attached along with the application you are forwarding to the civil registry.

  • The signed affidavit (this must not be less than a year old)
  • A cut of the newspaper advertisement for a change of name(this must not be less than a year old)
  • The declaration or advertisement to be printed in the official gazette
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Draft for the fees for publishing
  • A letter of attestation from a responsible person
  • A public announcement signifying the change of name

In a situation whereby the affected person is below the age of 18, the change of name form should be filled by his or her parent.

After you have successfully carried out all these change of name process, make sure you inform the relevant authorities about your name change, and ensure the new name is reflected on all vital documents of yours.

The final step in the procedure for change of name in Nigeria is to apply for a new government document which will reflect your newly acquired name. Note, you can only carry out this step when your new name must have reflected in Nigeria’s official gazette. Remember, you have to attach a copy from the official gazette to the application documents you are sending in.

Once your name change is successful, make se you reflect the change on all your personal documents, and if you are working in a corporate organization, ensure you inform your current employer.

Your current employer needs to update your records and other essentials such as tax. You should then inform all government agencies, and if you are a student, you can also inform the appropriate authorities in your school.

Do the following:

  • Request for a new national identity card which will reflect your new name
  • Apply to the Federal Road Safety Commission for a new driver’s license
  • Request for replacements for business cards, debit cards, cheques, and other documents where your name is specified. Your change of name should also be reflected with your registrar of voters and local government
  • Get your passport amendment and validation application. Fill the form and send to the nearest passport agency. Attach your recent passport and certified documentation of your new names such as an affidavit or a copy of a certified marriage certificate.

Change of Name in Nigeria Passport

Another document where your new name should be reflected is your Nigeria international passport. To affect a change of name in Nigeria passport, simply do the following:

  • Apply to any Immigration Service passport office in Nigeria
  • Give your application in writing to the Controller General of Nigeria Immigration Service for name changing
  • Ensure you add reasons for your name change to the application.
  • Add the affidavit of the change of name you had signed earlier
  • Attach an identity card currently in use (such as driver’s license)
  • Pay non-refundable administrative charges online in order to process your application.

After a few days, the controller General of Nigeria Immigration Service will approve it.

  • After the application has been approved, submit your current passport
  • Apply for editing of your Nigerian international passport
  • Attach 2 recent passport sized photographs
  • Go online and pay the standard fee
  • Go for image acquisition, thumbprint and electronic signature
  • When all these have been done, wait for your new passport with your new name to be assigned to you

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Requirement for Change of Name in Bank

The requirement for change of name in Bank in Nigeria is quite simple. After you must have followed the procedure for change of name in Nigeria I already talked about above, simply carry the following documents to your bank to affect the name change.

  • A Government Identity card reflecting you new name
  • A worn affidavit
  • A Newspaper publication reflecting your new name
  • Utility bills might also be needed in some cases


Once you have read this article to this point, you will discover that the procedure for change of name in Nigeria is not as difficult as people termed it to be. Be it change of name after marriage, affidavit for change of surname, change of name in Nigeria passport, and so on, this article covers all the vital information you need, Kindly share this post before you leave. Just use the social share icons found on this page to share it directly with your friends on various social media platforms.