In what seems to be a statement of fact of undeniable reality, a staunch member of All Progressive Congress in Ohafia LGA, part of the constituency for which Dr. Okuji Oreh is contrasting, has marveled at his profile and well-articulated, specially tailored program for the people of Arochukwu/Ohafia Constituency.

Okuji Oreh Gets Endorsed by an APC Member Because of His Rich Manifesto

His comment was motivated after watching a brief interview where the young and vibrant contender laid bay his program addressing all facets of the life of the people and ways to improve them from education to infrastructure, employment, empowerment, and general development/improvement of the people.

After watching the program, the touched APC member took to the Whatsapp group to call on every Ohafia electorate to pay attention to the manifesto of Dr. Okuji Oreh without a biased mind.

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This is indeed a sign and prove that the people are now keener about the individual capacity of the candidates than on party loyalty which, of course, is the surest way to ensure that only the capable hands are given the opportunity to represent the people in 2023.