One of our setbacks as a country is that the citizens quickly adjust to incompetence and hardship. We can decide today to reject these. In 4 years, your newborn baby will be 4 years old.

In 4 years, we’ll have millions of graduates in the labor market.
In 4 years, we can be better or worse. We can choose our future TODAY and vote for 4 years that will be better, with the competent representation of our constituency in the Federal House of Representatives.

Okuji Oreh Emphasizes on the Need to Vote Competent Candidates

Momentum keeps getting high as Abam communities reaffirm their commitment to vote for Oreh, a reward to thank Dr. Okuji Obinna Oreh’s contribution to Abam’s development.

The campaign train of the foremost contender touched down at Ndi Ebeleagu, Ndi Ememe, and Amaelu, all in Abam. As usual, the people of the above-mentioned villages reiterated their commitment to vote for Oreh and ask him to take his campaign to other clans as they have resolved to stand by him and deliver him come 25th February because they believe he will live up to the expectations of the position he is seeking to occupy being one who has always used his money to better the lots of the people.

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Oreh thanked them and promised to be a different leaf in politics and to abide by the teachings of the Bible that have helped to sharpen him into an honest and sincere man who is loved across party lines.






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