One of the major focuses of the 2023 general election is the desire to choose men and women of greater vision who understand that success and harnessing of the system is not one-way traffic, but the ability to pursue ideas capable of transforming the lives of the constituents for good welfare and a better deal for dividends of democracy.

I Will Make Our Youths Self-reliant By Equipping Then With Vocational Skills - Okuji Oreh

Dr. Okuji Oreh, the Federal House of Representative’s contestant for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency under the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, is one of such rare breed that believes that different approaches must be exploited too if we must get different results, especially when it comes to employing the youths who have become victims of a poor system without laid down improvement plans.

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“It is a known fact that an HoR is expected to fix his constituents when jobs are available. I am going to intensify that opportunity as your representative. But I will not accept a situation where it will appear that I am putting all eggs in one basket because I am much aware that they can never be enough white-collar jobs to make available to the endless youths coming out from the University annually, not forgetting the ones without basic qualification to seek the so-called white collar job. The question becomes ‘what happens to them?”

“There’s a popular saying that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Helping our youths develop vocational skills is giving them the license to eke out a living through self-employment. I am going to pursue this end with utmost dedication as a House of Representatives Member, I will pursue bills that will make skills acquisition an integral part of building the youths.

“The more youths we have working, the less crime we’ll have and the more progress we’ll see. This is not rocket science with no solution. What we need is a leader with the political will to prioritize job creation and work towards it.

“This will be my focus as your representative in the Federal House of Representatives; to create more opportunities for vocational training for our youths”, he promises.