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The World Over and in all Democracies across the globe, constructive criticism is an integral part of governance.

Opposition elements are there to remind the government in power that there is an alternative structure waiting to grab their stool, should they fail to deliver on the mandate given by the people.

Thus every visionary and progressive government that truly wants to succeed usually courts and improves on the loopholes magnified by her Critics because these days and in our clime, some people around the man in power only sing praises in order to curry favour.

Abia Online Media Publishers Condemns Attempt To Gag The Media In Abia State

It is on this note that the Abia Online Media Publishers Organization, the umbrella body of all bloggers and online media practitioners in Abia state, condemns in strong terms the recent audio recording of an intimidating phone call allegedly made to An Abian by EronduUchennaErondu Jnr, one of the aides to the Governor of Abia state, threatening Fire and Brimstone, spitting fire and raising Hell on how he will so deal with the young man if he dares to criticize the Government of Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu.

That phone call, where in the Governor’s aide boasted of the many people he has dealt with and threatening to put the young man away if he dares to exercise his freedom of speech is the height of barbarism and an exhibition of power drunkenness that should be condemned by every well meaning Abian because it will amount to setting a wrong precedence that may trigger a breakdown of law and order in the state.

That said we also advise opposition elements and critics to be constructive in their approach if truly the motive is the overall good of the state.

We call on the Governor of Abia state to call this particular Aide and his cohorts to order, and also be wary of the character of the individuals he puts in positions of trust on behalf of our people.

None of us is more Abian than the other and we are known as a peaceful people and therefore cannot afford to allow our state degenerate into a society bereft of civility and peaceful coexistence.

Enough of this harassment, intimidation and maiming of Government Critics in Abia state.

We have confidence that the Governor has the capacity to nip this ugly trend in its bud now.

Long Live Online Media Publishers

Long Live Abia State

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Comrade Ugochukwu Nwankwo

Chairman, Abia Online Media Publishers