The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Abia state, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, has vowed to take Abia to a Height which Abians and indigenes of other states in Nigeria will be proud of. He talked about his leadership and administration prowess during a radio interview at Flo FM 94.9, Umuahia, held on Wednesday March 8, 2023.

I will Elevate Abia to a Height a Lot of People Will be Proud of – Ikechi Emenike

High Chief Emenike, who is an experienced, and well-travelled entrepreneur, educationist, and journalist, first of all talked about the decadence Abia state is currently experiencing in almost all it’s sectors. He stressed that, amongst the governorship candidates in Abia, he stands heads tall above everyone of them when it comes to administration and leadership.

When it comes to human and capital development, Chief Emenike said that he is the only one amongst the candidates who can receive a million naira, and grow it within a year. He said he is an employer of labour, and have personal industry experience from the five continents of the world.

Responding to the interviewer on how he will tackle the issues of salary in Abia state He said “Abians should be wise this time around”

“Abians should elect a governor that will not joke with the salaries of workers. I am an employee of labour for over 40 years, and I have never owed any worker his or her salary.”

On the issue of corruption, High Chief Emenike emphasized that no government official will steal public funds. “I will make sure that money of Abia will be used for the development of Abia. Any government official caught stealing public funds will face the wrath of the law. I heard that previous administration has a sharing formula, but this bad act wouldn’t be so in my government. There will be no free money, but if you want to make money, you can bring a legitimate means to me for my approval.”

He also emphasized, that he is the only governorship candidate in Abia who doesn’t visit the Abia government house. Chief Emenike said he has no affiliation with any politician in Abia, and that is the reason why they are afraid of him because he is not in tandem with their corrupt activities.

When asked about his plans for education, the former Pro Chancellor of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, said he gets happy when issue of education is brought to him. He said since this is one of his specialization, he vowed to take Abia education to a great height. He reiterated that his plans for education is a topic that even three hours will be a small allocated time for him to talk about them.

On infrastructural development, he assumed Abians that there will be no roads left untarred in Abia under his first two years of administration. He said his administration will establish building blocks of development. He promised to fix and develop Umuahia, which is the state’s capital. He also said he will stretch the development to other cities of the state like, Aba, Ohafia, Ukwa, Umummeochi and so on.

“Abia state is one of the few states in Nigeria without an international airport. I promise that in December 2024, planes will land in the international airport already build by my government in Abia state. This alone will take over 2,000 youths in Abia out of unemployment.”

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High Chief Ikechi Emenike said his mission to rescue and develop Abia is what Abians shouldn’t miss, and he is so sure he will emerge as the governor of Abia state after the March 11 polls. In his words, he promised to make Abia a first world state in a third word nation.