The Senior Pastor at Chapel Of Faith International Ministry and Governorship candidate of ACCORD in the 11th March 2023 gubernatorial contest to rescue citizens of Abia State, Amb. Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwankpa, has reassured his teeming supporters that his appearance in the fight for the soul of Abia after long epochs of stagnation and backwardness is a prophet and spiritual exercise that must be treated with the urgency of now, insisting that God ordained it at this point because when the righteous is on the throne, the people will rejoice.

My Mission to Rescue Abia is a Prophetic and Spiritual Exercise - Bishop Emeka Nwankpa

“I have said it time without number that I am not a politician, I am a man on a rescue mission for Abia State, a servant of the Most High God who has come from the alter to liberate my people, and I am going to return to the alter when the Commandment of God is fulfilled in Abia State and power returned to the owners.

“My people have suffered tremendously in the hands of a few greedy politicians who have grown fat from the pain of Abians, who have celebrated their birthdays with the sweat of Abia workers that could not feed their families after serving their state. This is man’s inhumanity to man, I have come to fight the evil status quo with grace upon my life and I will not relent until the wicked empire is pulled down and replaced with righteousness.

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“I asked God for direction before I embarked on this mission, I am certain that his divine Providence will perfect his will for Ndi Abia. We have cried enough, our situation has moved from bad to worse and our hope seem faint. But God is on his throne ready to liberate Abia State. My only appeal is for Ndi Abia to come out en-masse on 11th March 2023 to give me their vote for a brighter day where righteousness and godliness will rule the land.

“I am the mantle of God to dismantle ineptitude, impunity, and backwardness to enthrone progress, development, hope, a good economy, and a new state replete with prospects of a systematic, holistic, and pragmatic future. I will guarantee better education and improved healthcare delivery for Ndi Abia. Workers’ welfare will be treated with the utmost priority as they are the nerve and heartbeat of a progressive state. I have performed well as a private individual by blessing souls with empowerment, free education, and fed widows for 17 years. I am going to perform wonders when I have the right resources at my disposal and accountability and transparency will be my greatest guiding principles”, he assured.

Meanwhile, following his ideology of openness and interactional approach to issues throughout his campaign period, Bishop Emeka Nwankpa has garnered tremendous support among the electorates because of the belief that his words can be trusted when he give it to them with every alacrity and tenacity of truth.