Chief Raymond Dokpesi, the founder of Daar Communications, and two of his grand children were recently discharged from the University of Abuja Treatment Center after testing negative twice to COVID-19. The 69-year old entrepreneur expressed gratitude to God for saving his life in this trying time, but he is still yet to be convinced with the differences between Malaria and COVID-19.

Chief Raymond Dokpesi, the founder of Daar Communications

In a recent interview granted to the press, Chief Raymond said he didn’t go the hospital regarding his social status, but he neglected that just to witness what the ordinary man in Nigeria go through. In his remark, he commended the medical team for their professionalism, despite their few numbers, they still have the capacity to cater for the patients.

His confussion erupted when he discovered that all the drugs and medications that was administered to him was exactly the same with that which was administered to a malaria patient. He then stated that he need to be educated with the difference between COVID19 and Malaria.

In his words and closing remark, he said

“When did Malaria become synonymous with COVID-19”