The Abia Central senatorial candidate of the Young Progressive Party, and pioneer director general of the National Directorate of Employment, Chief Chuku Wachuku, has stressed on the Importance of empathy-driven policies that fosters wealth creation among citizens of Abia, especially the youths. He made this point while interacting with newsmen in his country home at Nbawsi in Isialangwa North.

Chuku Wachuku Harps on the Importance of Empathy-driven Policies that Lead to Wealth Creation

He said it is very important for politicians who are holding elective offices in Abia to implement policies that will create wealth among the people, rather than carrying out their meagre empowerment program of Keke distribution and the likes. This is the positive change he promises to bring to the people of Abia central when elected into office come 2023.

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“I do not consider my self a politician, I am a technocrat. The difference between a technocrat and a politician is that, as a technocrat, you are focused on what you do”.

“We should have human empathy-driven policies. Legislation gives you a platform to deal directly with the people rather than just making laws. There are people who are there to feather their own nest, rather than reaching out to the people”.

Using his former position as the NDE boss, Chief Chuku Wachuku stated that the institution has organised skill acquisition programs and trainings whose beneficiaries has today become employers of labour.

“My mission is wealth creation”.

“I was the director of operations for the NDE. I developed modalities that propelled NDE to what it is today. We trained hundred thousand (100,000) youths, and after the training, we made them establish their own businesses”.

Responding to some faction of Abia youths who are questioning his capacity, and what he has done in Abia, the YPP senatorial candidate replied.

“For the youths who are asking, what did he do? They forgot that their brothers were trained under me. My advice is that the youths should not play politics with their lives. Self employment is better than paid employment. Once a person is trained and becomes an entrepreneur, he will become an employer of labour, which will then reduce the rate of unemployment”.

“The problem is that the major concern of some of the youths is who will give them rice and Keke. Family empowerment is better than Keke empowerment. Good and sustainable job is better than rice. Wealth creation is better than gift”.

“The function of the government is to give roads, so it shouldn’t attract necessary accolade when it is done. Youths are hailing their oppressors who climbed their back to move to the top. My mission is to bring professional and technocrats into the system to develop it”.

“I am going to create an Abia central economic hub that will generate one industry per local government. I am a master of job creation”.

Summarizing the interactive section and his chances for the 2023 general election, Chief Wachuku said that all over the world, the senate is for experienced and matured people. He said that he is the right person, at the right time, and from the right place.