Hon. Obinna Oriaku has called on the need for Abians to reclaim the lost glory of their beloved state. He made this known during his declaration to run for the 2023 Guber race under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress political party. The event took place in his residence at Owerrinta, in Isiala Ngwa South local government area on Tuesday, April 19th 2022.

Abia Has Been a Sleeping Giant, It is Time to Reclaim Our State . Obinnna Oriaku

During his speech, Hon. Oriaku stated why he is the right person to bring back the lost glory of Abia state, and urge all Abians to support him in this race.

“Upon creation of the state, Abia was christened “God’s Own State” and the one thing we should do going forward is to return the state to the purpose of the owner”.

“Abia state has been a sleeping giant, howbeit, Abia is the hope of every igbo man, and perhaps Nigeria at large, towards economic emancipation. Therefore, I will want to stand on the shoulders of the great men and women whose courage resonates across the world”.

“Today, Abia is a ghost of what it ought to be, ravaged by poor leadership and lack of infrastructure which is the bane of our growth and development. The good news I have is that Abia state is not beyond redemption. We shall reclaim our state with honest and sincere leadership which I, Obinna represents. Abia shall be great, with your support and your decision to enthrone a sincere and passionate leader come 2023”.

“Like my political mantra says, “a new Abia is possible”. Join us to create a new Abia”.
He also made a promise of populating his government with men and women who are passionate, know the problems of Abians, and also have the precise solutions with zero tolerance to corruption.

In conclusion, he stated that the problem of Abia state is not related to an individual alone, but rather it is fundamental, and we as Abians must tackle it.

“The problem of Abia is nothing else but bad leadership, and now it is the time for us to change it”.