A former TC Chairman of Ugwunagbo Local Government Area of Abia State, Chief Peter Aguomba, has declared his interest to represent Ugwunagbo State Constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly election come 2023. He stated that he joined this race in order to contribute his quota and bring in fresh ideas to his people.

I Want To Contribute My Quota to Ugwunagbo State Constituency – Chief Peter Aguomba

Speaking during a chat with newsmen at his residence in Umuahia, Chief Aguomba stressed the need for progress in Ugwunagbo, and he stated that only a paradigm shift from what it used to be to inoovation and professionalism can foster such progress. He also made it known that only a professional like him can make it happen.

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When ask to rate the score card of the present House of Assembly representative of Ugwunagbo State Constituency, he said he is not in the right position to rate his predecessor. That all he can promise, is to do more.

“I will like to contribute my quota to the people of Ugwuagbo State Constituency. I am also qualified to contest for the Abia State House of Assembly. Through me, a lot of innovation will be introduced into the constituency”

He also spoke about the development he brought to Ugwunagbo while serving as the TC chairman of the local government.

In conclusion, he commended the work of the present representative of Ugwunagbo State Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly, and he promises to do more if elected into the position. He is aspiring to emerge as the flag bearer of the People’s Democratic Party.