It was a celebration and joy in Isiala Ngwa a few days back as the ACCORD candidate for Abia governorship race to Lion House, Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwankpa took the supporters by surprise when he instantaneously gave scholarships to about 4 indigent students at the University level during a campaign tour of the area.

Bishop Nwankpa Offers Instant Scholarship to Indigent Students During His Campaign Tour

It is no longer strange the way he has been going about doing things outside the known norms of political promises of average Nigerian politicians, promises that are always a condition to receive the people’s votes in return. But Dr. Nwankoa had always asked the people to hold him by his word because he was not going to tell them what he believe he can do, but what he is already doing in the lives of people for many years which has been his calling in the ministry.

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Explaining his action, the senior pastor at Chapel of Faith International Bible Ministry, said that he is in the race to become Abia state governor because the state has a leaking roof that needed repairs by a capable hand that has the experience and heart to defend the people rather than amass wealth. For a clergyman that has fed and clothed widows for over 17 years, for a man that has offered scholarships to about 123 children in primary and secondary school, 77 in the university, and about 44 students abroad, it was natural to add a few lucky ones into the scheme.

He also made it abundantly clear that the scholarship to the kids was not a campaign gimmick but a real event, whether he wins the governorship election or not, the students will enjoy the scholarship to the university level, and possibly abroad if they are smart enough. He directed their parents to meet the director of his humanitarian foundation, “Bishop Emeka Nwankpa Foundation”, which handles his scholarship scheme for proper documentation.

According to the preacher, as governor, he will place priority on education, especially in the rural areas of the state because the only way to progress is to educate the citizens.

The question on the lips of everyone is “What manner of man is Bishop Emeka Nwankpa?”. He has done more than most leaders in power in terms of making people’s lives easier and raising their hopes. What can he do more when allowed to preside over Abia State?