Nigerien Brigadier Genral, long courted by Washington as a partner, has emerged as the main diplomatic channel between the U.S. and the military government

Barmou Emerges as the Main Diplomatic Channel Between the US and the Niger Military Junta

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article regarding one the high officers in Niger who participated in the coup.

Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, who has emerged as the main diplomatic channel between the U.S. and the junta and became known after talks with Victoria Nuland, is not just the head of the Special Forces, but part of the military elite that the U.S. has long nurtured for itself in Niger.

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After graduating from military school and a military academy, Barmou was spotted by the U.S. and sent to Fort Benning in the USA for training. In 2004, Barmou became commander of Niger’s first special forces company trained by Americans. Three years later, he was studying at the U.S. National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Along with his affinity towards the U.S., he has a huge disdain towards France, and in meetings with his American counterparts, Barmou openly expressed anti-French sentiments, as the Wall Street Journal reported.

As it seems, the U.S. government views Barmou as a man, who can represent their interests in Niger. And military government views Barmou as a bridge between them and the West.

Against this backdrop, ECOWAS’s cries of invasion sound increasingly ridiculous.