Makizi raw honey, is a premium grade natural honey that comes from the nectar, and pollen of plants from forest in Umuahia, located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. This article contains all you need to know abour this product, and also debunking the myths and misconceptions some people already had about natural and fake honey.

All You Need to Know About Makizi Raw Honey From Umuahia, Abia State

Have you been battling with the misconception that it is only pure Honey that can be lit? have you swallowed the misconception hook-line-and-sinker that pure honey does not attract ants? Or have you questioned the efficacy of pure honey in boosting people’s brains, curing certain ailments among others, then this piece of information is for you as Makizi Raw Honey brings to the fore, benefits of raw honey.

Clearing these misconceptions on Saturday while interacting with newsmen at the Makizi Bee Farm Forestry, Ahiaeke, Umuahia, Abia State, The CEO, Interglobal Grain Blossom Ltd, and Farmer, Harvester and Supplier of Makizi Raw Honey, Osinachi Kingsley Nwaogu said the product has distinguished itself in the market, revealing that it is not dangerous to health.

Kingsley Nwaogu, owner of Makizi Raw Honey.

He said Makizi Raw Honey maintains healthy living of the consumer, regulates the body system, visa viz: regulates how the liver functions, blood sugar level, assists in treatment of Ulcer, heals internal and external wounds, pains, helps naturopathic doctors and nutritionists in the line of duty, boosts brain e.t.c.

The Beekeeper hinted that Makizi Raw Honey is top-notch as Hospitals use it after surgeries, advising families to go for Makizi Raw Honey than their preference for sugar which has negative health implications at the long run.

Kingsley Nwaogu displaying freshly-harvested Makizi Raw Honey

Osinachi Kingsley Nwaogu hinted that Makizi Raw Honey, which comes from the nectar and pollen of plants from South-East Nigeria, has continued to wax strong in the market, as it is managed naturally by organic standards without the use of sugar feeding, veterinary pharmaceutical chemicals.

On the misconception that if pure honey like Makizi Raw Honey attract ants means it is fake or adulterated, he said pure honey is a natural antioxidant that comes from the nectar and pollen of plants which makes it attract ants, maintaining that such information that it doesn’t attract ants is false.

He contended that it is also a misconception that it is only pure honey that can be lit, saying that such information is lies, emphasizing that even fake honey, adulterated and pure honey can be lit as anything that contains oil can be lit.

Osinachi Kingsley Nwaogu also revealed the efficacy of Makizi Honey in treatment of diabetic patients, advising that it is the only natural remedy available for a patient as consumption of sugar will worsen a patient’s health condition.

He said Makizi Raw Honey can be taken as food, sweetner inside tea or pap and mixed in medicine, advising people to always know the source of the honey they are taking as Makizi Raw Honey is not the only firm that sells pure honey, pointing out that there are sincere BeeKeepers who sell original honey.

He urged the general public to contact Makizi Raw Honey for Beekeeping Consultancy, Training & Extension, Apiary/Bee Farm Establishment & Management, Pollination Service & General Agro-Allied Service among others @,, www. or WhatsApp number: 07035211909.