The Umuahia Township Stadium was turned into a physical battle ground rather than a football pitch it was originally built for. This chaotic incident occurred when the stadium hosted the match between the Abia Warriors FC of Umuahia and Enyimba of Aba. The match was eventually postponed by the referee as the situation gets out of control with just 20 minutes into the game.

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Correspondent of Nigerian Fact gathered that the whole incident started when the home team (Abia Warriors) was awarded a penalty of which the fans and supporters of the visiting team (Enyimba FC) claimed it was a wrong decision made by the referee. This occurred just in the early minutes of the first half. A player from Abia Warriors then missed the target after taking the penalty shot, which then resulted into jubilation from the visiting fans and anger on the side of the home fans.

Our correspondent also gathered that the situation became worse when a fan of Enyimba went ahead to jubilate the penalty loss at the front where fans of the home side where seated. The act then resulted into clash between fans and supporters of the two teams.

Injured Enyimba FC footballer as a result of the clash in Umuahia Township stadium

Footballers in the pitch got injured and also the Chairman of Enyimba FC, Felix Anyasiagwu also got his head injured and is now admitted at the Federal Medical Center in Umuahia.

Chairman of Abia Warrior FC gets injured on his head during the clash in Umuahia Township Stadium

The chaos and disorderliness experienced in the stadium left the referee with no choice than to postpone the match, so as to avoid further danger.

If you could remember, the match between both teams held in Aba last week was a little bit physical among the players in the pitch, but it all ended successfully with no interruption. The Abia derby shouldn’t turn into a war or physical battle, it should be a game enjoyed by both the players and fans.