Widows to smile as Bishop Nwamkpa Blesses them with care on January 9

At last, the date is here, the day has come, the time set aside by Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwamkpa, the 2023 Abia governorship candidate of ACCORD, to put smiles on the faces of women who lost their husbands, who are faced with the reality of training their children alone.

Widows to smile as Bishop Nwamkpa Blesses them with care on January 9

According to the seasoned clergyman, this gesture goes beyond politics, rather it is a covenant with God to bless widows for the kindness God has shown to him through out his life, using these helpless woman as interment of redemption in his life.

Bishop Emeka Nwamkoa reiterated that the ceremony for empowering widows is so important that he had to suspend political activities to honor this day as he has promised God. He vowed that it is only when he has put smile on their faces that he can boast of living up to his passion and ministry which God has assigned to him.

Many always wondered about the reason for, and the emphasis on the widow’s event, the brief story will give insight into why this is very important in the life of Bishop Nwamkpa.

When Bishop Nwsmkpa lost his father at the tender age of 10, his only hope and anchor was his widowed mother who only means or surviving was buying fish on credit to resale and making little profit to take care of the family. On his part, the young Emeka engaged in all sort of hawking activities to support his mother in training him and his siblings until he finished school.

When the messages came to him that he is going to be a preacher of the gospel, he asked God to make provisions if truly he has called him. God answered the prayer through a widow who inherited the husband’s house. She decided to vacate the entire house to one room and gave the rest for Bishop to start his ministry. From that goodwill of a widow, the Church has grown to international level. One of his vow to God is that if he build the Church he has handed to him, no widow will ever shed tears around him. That is why he has been blessing the widows for the past 17 years of his 28 years in the ministry of the word of God.

With over 4000 widows under the direct care of his foundation, 40 students abroad under scholarship, 77 in University and about 123 at secondary level, it is indeed a covenant kept with God. This is the reason he has refused to allow political activities to disrupt the event because it is a covenant with God.

It is a thing of Joy that today has come, the widows will smile and the work of God will continue to grow. Bishop Dr Emeka Michael Nwamkpa is a child of destiny, God used his widowed mother and woman to establish him and fulfil his Destiny. He will always remain a HUSBAND TO THE WIDOWS.

9th January, 2023 is a blessed day.