Veteran singer and former member of The Remedies, Tony Tetuila, has described as lies the claim of his ex-bandmate, Eedris Abdulkareem that they accepted him to join the now-defunct band out of pity.

Recall that Abdulkareem granted a recent podcast interview where he claimed that he and Eldee were the original members of The Remedies.

He added that Tetuila later joined the group after they met him at a show in Ilorin, Kwara State.

AbdulKareem claimed Tetuila was “desperate to sing” and they let him in because they wanted to “sing more songs.”

Tony Tetuila Blasts Eedris Abdulkareem Over Lies He Shared on a Recent Podcast

Sharing a clip of himself watching Abdulkareem’s podcast interview, Tetuila was visibly shocked at the claims of his ex-bandmate.

Tetuila could be heard saying intermittently, “This guy dey lie.”