With the ongoing COVID19 pandemic where the importance of social distancing in curbing the spread of the infection is been preached via all forms of media, the act carried out by some group of boys in Aba this morning has made people to wonder if we all really understand the importance of social distancing in checkmating this very pandemic.

This very group of boys normally hold football training every Sunday morning at Opobo junction axis in Aba, but their regular routine became sour for then as members or the COVID19 taskforce and security agents in Abia state, obstructed their daily practice as the state is currently on lockdown due to the recent pandemic the world is facing.

Instead it the boys to heed to the advice and directives of the authorities, they now carried out q protest and marched to a nearby radio station in Aba, asking the radio station to earn the government to leave then alone. The worst of it all was that they collectively said that the whole COVID19 issue is a Scam and they don’t believe it. To make things even worse, they started throwing stones into the media house during their protest.

Below are some pictures captured during the incidence.

Group of Aba Boys protesting at a Radio station in Aba, saying COVID19 is a scam
Groups of boys who were stopped from playing football by the COVID19 taskforce in Aba
Aba boys protesting at the gate of a radio station