Being a registered member of a Body Such as COREN is highly prestigious for Nigerian Engineers. I guess that is the reason why you want to get more information on how to become a member. This article contains all the guidelines you need concerning COREN registration requirements in this present year.


COREN is an abbreviation which simply stands for the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Council for the Registration of Engineers. It is an engineering regulatory body that regulates engineering practice and training in Nigeria.

COREN Registration Requirements 2019 for Nigerian Engineers (Updated)

It was established by decree 55 of 1970 and amended by Decree 27 of 1992 currently known as “Engineers Act, CAP E11 2004” Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Act empowers it to regulate the practice of Engineering in all aspects of Nigeria.

COREN performs four major functions which are:

  1. Registration of five cadres of engineering disciplines namely: Engineering craftsmen, Engineering technologists, Engineering Technicians, Engineers, and Engineering Firms who wish to practice in Nigeria.
  2. It caters for 65 engineering disciplines, many of which are practiced than most other professions.
  3. It accredits engineering courses in universities, polytechnics, colleges of technology and technical colleges within and outside Nigeria.
  4. It organizes and supervises postgraduate practical training of fresh engineering graduates.

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Now, let me show you the COREN registration requirements, all you need to know and also the procedures for registration.

COREN Registration Requirements

Engineers who wish to become officially registered engineering personnel has to meet the registration requirements below:

Personnel Registration

The application processing time is usually 3-6 months, so be patient once you apply. So here are the main COREN registration requirements for 2018 you have to meet:

  • You have to be eligible (get at least 4 years of post-graduate studies).
  • You have to be supervised by a senior registered engineer.
  • It is only possible to apply for COREN membership online.
  • Each applicant has to be registered with one of these organizations: NAEC/NATE/NSE/NISET.
  • If you are a Nigerian, you are required to provide your school transcripts via a post, email or manually.
  • It is necessary to get 2 proposals ahead of time, as they will be submitted during the online application.
  • You have to complete the form online and attach all the required files.
  • You have to pay registration fees, either through the Internet or in the bank.
  • You must provide a working email address and personal details (phone number, address, etc).

Consulting Firm Registration

If you represent a consulting organization, you need to meet the following requirements to become a member of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria:

  • The owner must be a registered engineer and the company must have a Certificate of Registration.
  • At least two of the partners must be registered engineers and pay for all their practicing fees in time, while their company should have CAC registration along with incorporation Certificate.
  • A shareholder who has 55 percent or more shares should be a registered engineer, and the company should have an incorporation Certificate.

Other registration requirements you must meet if you want to qualify for COREN membership

  • It is necessary to provide a professional report on all the engineering design, study, and supervisions under the organization that wishes to register (with at least 5 years of experience).
  • You must be willing to demonstrate the ability to complete complex projects that would last for at least 3 years after successful COREN registration.
  • Provide a reference letter from a trusted COREN member.
  • Be ready to renew company membership once in 5 years.
  • A foreign specialist can register only their consulting company if they work in partnership with a registered engineer from Nigeria.

The list of documents required for registration of the company includes:

  • Company’s brochure
  • Completed corporate affairs application (form 2)
  • Owner’s or partners’ CVs
  • Annual returns form
  • Proof of processing fees payment
  • Application form provided by COREN
  • Partnership deed (if applicable)
  • CAC forms (C07, C02, if applicable)
  • Registration Certificates (if applicable)

NOTE: You can also check the official website for the full list of required documents.

Procedure for COREN Registration

COREN ceases to collect the hard copy application form for Engineering Personnel Registration; all applications are to be submitted online. The following are the procedures for online registration:

  • Download the Proposer and Work Experience Forms before you start filling the application form online as this is a requirement among the documents to be uploaded during the registration process. Please ensure and confirm that your two (2) proposers are up to date in the payment of their annual practicing fee.
  • Click here to visit the Registration Page.
  • You are expected to fill all the basic details required before proceeding to pay for your registration fee online. Always ensure you use a valid email address and phone number when filling the form as this will be used to communicate to you throughout the registration process.
  • Choose your category as it applies to you. The cost of each category is as indicated. Fill all the basic details, click on the Register button, it will bring up a pop box to verify your payment details. On confirming your payment details, click on Pay button, you will be directed to Remita payment gateway.
  • You may decide to pay online with your Credit Card or print the generated Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and proceed to any of the bank listed on the Remita Payment Gateway page to make payment. On successful payment of either of the payment option, your payment will be automatically updated and registration process activated.
  • Click on the Login button to continue with your registration. Choose the Registered Applicant Option as Login Type. Enter the Email Address and Password you used when registering to login.
  • On successful login, click on Application tab by the left, it will load all the information you are expected to fill.
  • Click on Profile Info, fill the details under Basic, Contact and Other Information
  • Click on all other relevant tabs – Education, Work Experience, Membership of Engineering Bodies, Non-Nigerian Extra Info (For Non-Nigerian only).
  • Click on Document tab to upload relevant document including Technical Report of not more than 3 Pages in MS Word Format. You are required to scan and upload Original Copies of your Credentials. No single upload must be more than 500kb.
  • When you are done, click on “Application Approval” under the Request tab to submit your application. Then click on Request Application Approval button to submit your application.

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Being a registered member of COREN has so many benefits attached to it as a practicing Engineer in Nigeria, so I guess this guide on COREN Registration Requirements and also procedures involved in the registration should be a must-read for all aspiring members of this body. You can share this post with your friends and also subscribe to this site to get more useful information about Nigeria.