Medicine or any health related courses has been the delight of many in Nigeria. It is either you have the penchant to study one of the courses, or your parents/guardians re actually compelling you to further your study in one of the medical related fields. Whatsoever the case may be, Nigerians love medical profession. But another big question Is, how lucrative are they? Well, in this post I will be showing you the best Medical Courses in Nigeria arranged in their lucrative order.

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While growing up as a kid, I always tell my parents that I will love to be a Medical Doctor because I want to work in the hospital and save lives. Little did I know that other professionals also work in the hospital too aside the Medical Doctors. This simply means there are lots of Medical Courses in Nigeria which you can study, and they are also very lucrative. Below are some of them.

Best Medical Courses in Nigeria Listed in Lucrative Order

Top 10 Lucrative Medical Courses in Nigeria

These are the top 10 best Medical Courses in Nigeria that are very lucrative.

  1. Pharmacy

I know you might be surprised coming across the course Pharmacy at the number one spot, but yes! It is a very lucrative medical course. Pharmacy is referred to as the best Medical Course, and it has branches like; Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, and so on. The course entails the study of drugs, sales and dispensary of types of drugs, and also how to produce drugs. A graduate of pharmacy in Nigeria can easily find a lucrative job, or open his or her own pharmacy shop and start making money.

  • Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is a course that deals with human body, its structure and metabolic activities and so on. A Medicine and Surgery graduate can treat patient from various sicknesses and also perform surgical operations when needed. This course also has the advantage of teaching you the basic knowledge of other Medical related courses.

  • Nursing

Nursing for sure is one of the best Medical Courses in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Nurses are needed in all parts of the world; they render help to the communities, families and more. Nurses are majorly the health workers who take care of people or patients and make them feel comfortable in a time of ill health.

  • Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists are basically health workers who carries out analysis and test on people. The course teaches you how to carry out analysis by the use of human body fluids or samples. A graduate of Medical Laboratory Science can work in different places like Research Laboratory, Hospital Laboratory, Reference Laboratory, and so on.

  • Dentistry

Dentistry as a course simply entails the study of the teeth. A graduate from this field is called a Dentist and they are in charge of taking care of the teeth. Dentistry teaches you prevention, treatment, and Diseases of the oral cavity.

  • Optometry

Optometry is the simply the study of the eye. An Optometrist is trained to treat different eye diseases, and also to prescribe lenses which corrects eye defects and improves vision. This is another lucrative Medical Course you can study in Nigeria.  

  • Radiology/Radiography

A Radiologist is a simply a Medical Professional that carries out X-ray or scanning on patients or clients. This branch of Medicine deals with the treatment of diseases like cancer and others. They also diagnose images of anatomic structures. It is another lucrative Medical Course in Nigeria.

  • Physiotherapy

This branch of Medicine helps people to recover from a particular injury or illnesses through advice, exercise, education and others. They help patient to manage pains and also to prevent diseases.

  • Human Anatomy

This Medical Course entails the study of the structure of the human body. The course teaches its students a lot about the human body. A Human Anatomist can also work in the hospitals too.

  1. Veterinary Medicine

This branch of Medicine deals on animal health alone. A Veterinary Doctor treats, and take care of animals in timers of injury and ill health. They services is rendered on bothe domestic and wild animals.

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Conclusion of the Top 10 Lucrative Medical Courses in Nigeria

There is one thing I always believe in and that is following you dream. Do not allow this list to serve as a benchmark when making your choice. There are many Medical Courses in Nigeria and they are quite lucrative too, so choose wisely. This list just shows how lucrative some of these courses are, but you have to choose the one you believe you can function better as a professional. Feel free to share this article by using the social share icons found on this page, and also subscribe to Nigerian Fact Email List to get first hand information about Nigeria delivered straight into your inbox.