The APGA flag bearer for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal house of representative stormed Nkporo in grand style with the flagbearer of APGA for Ohafia North state House of Assembly in the person of chief Okocha Uchenna Onuoha (Oji Ulo eme Ogo 1 & 2 of Nkporo) and the message was clear that they are ready to rescue and rebuild Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency and Ohafia North Senatorial Zone.

APGA Candidates, Dr Oreh and Chief Okocha Take Their Message of Hope to Nkporo

Dr Oreh in his speech at the gathering, made it clear that he is in the race to put smile on the faces of the people, assuring the electorates that he will fulfill all campaign promises made to the people because he has their interest at heard at all times.

From Nde Agbo to Ndi Elu and Ndi Etiti ward, the turn out and receptiveness of the people shows that the message has gotten to them and in the responses of those that had the opportunity to speak, especially the traditional rulers, is a prove that the electorates are ready for change. They vowed they will make sure in their respective wards that they deliver Dr Okuji Oreh and Okocha Uchenna because they have seen what they have done even when they don’t have power, believing that when they have the opportunity to manage the scarce resources of the people, because it will be beneficial to the masses.

Chief Okocha Uchenna while addressing the people said that he doesn’t associate with people that doesn’t have good heart or that doesn’t have the interest of the people at heart , that this singular attribute made him to support Dr Oreh because he is a man of his words .

Nkporo is APGA
Nkporo is for Nwamara
Nkporo is for Oji Ulo eme Ogo