Akwa United has been fined a total of N3 million for breach of the Framework and Rules of the NPFL, in the course of the Matchday 5 fixture against Wikki Tourists.

Some members of Akwa Utd contingent accosted & harassed match officials as they made their way to the changing room immediately after the match, in the process of which the Assistant Referee II sustained injuries to his head & face.

Akwa United Fined 3 Million Naira for going against NPFL rules

The acts according to the charge amounted to a breach of Rule B8.21 (failure to ensure adequate security for match officials) and C1.1 (misconduct) of the Framework and Rules of the NPFL.

Consequently, the following sanctions has been imposed:
a) a fine of N1 million for failure to ensure adequate protection for match officials &
b) a fine of N500,000 for harassment of match officials.

Furthermore, the LMC also imposed another fine of N1 million to be paid as compensation to the match officials; & an additional fine of N500,000 for misconduct capable of bringing the game to disrepute.

Akwa Utd has also been issued a censure with a warning that any repeated or similar breach shall be dealt with as an aggravated breach & attract severe sanctions, including but not limited to an order moving the club to a different venue for its home matches, deduction of points, etc.

Akwa Utd are required, within 48 hours of the date of the notice, to either submit to the summary jurisdiction and the sanctions or face a commission.