Abia born US based UN peace ambassador Mr. Lucky Igbokwe has frowned at the destruction of properties by irate youths in Aba Abia State, in a statement made available to Newsmen and obtained by Abia Pulse Newsonline, the Philanthropist call on Abia Youth not to loose focus of the true essence of the protests.

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Abia ENDSARS Protests : Mayor of Peace Lucky Igbokwe Condemns Acts of Violence, Sues For Peace

Read full Statement:

Youth of Abia!

Let us not loose focus on our mission. Our voices are meant to only direct our elected officials on the need to change direction and turn Abia towards the part of progress and prosperity.

We lack infrastructure, the little we have, we must protect at all cost.

We have no jobs, the businesses we have, we must protect at all cost.

I strongly condemn any act of violence that will eventually lead to destruction of lives and properties .

As a mayor of peace, I urge all of our youths to remain calm and peaceful as we continue to direct our grievances appropriately.

I refuse to label any youth as a hoodlum. If you are a hoodlum, then the society made you a hoodlum by not providing conditions of development that will propel your God given talents.

We refuse that label on you. You are acting out of your frustrations but I urge you to retreat your sword, let us remain law abiding and continue to demand our God given rights in a peaceful manner

Our best is ahead of us!!

God bless Abia youths
Godbless Abia State

Mayor Lucky Igbokwe
(Don Lulu)