The reality is upon us for a new leader of conscience to emerge in Abia state. Most public officeholders buy their way into the office and instead of working for the people, enrich their pockets to the woe and detriment of the people. The 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended emphasizes that the welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of the government. When elected leaders strive to recuperate their investments and accumulate profit at the expense of the people, that section of the Constitution becomes a hoax, eroded, and rendered ineffective. But all hope is not lost.

2023: Bishop Nwamkpa Reveals His Blueprint For Progressive Abia State

Every State, just like Abia, has its challenges, but for every identifiable challenge, there is a solution, whether imminent or long-term. The hindrance to finding the solutions for the challenges faced is essentially the unwillingness and indolent attitudes of the leaders in solving a problem, the causes and adverse effects have to be identified. The challenges presently faced in Abia, have been identified, and below are some of them and workable solutions to the challenges,


The restiveness of the youths, organized crimes, and other criminal activities, is mostly a direct result of idleness and frustration. To curb the rate of crime in Abia State, the youths have to be actively engaged in productive activities that will be beneficial to them, and the state. Social unrest arises not only from the youths, but also from the young ones who see the activities of the older ones, and may most likely walk in their footsteps sooner or later. To put an end to this, therefore, there has to be the meaningful engagement of children and teenagers, in school activities. These engagements could be in the form of sports, skill acquisition, talent discovery, and other recreational activities, Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwankap has it all well figured out, and their solution is handy.

Fresh graduates could be gainfully employed, and financial assistance rendered to small-scale and medium-business start-ups. Empowered graduates will help in creating more employment channels for the state. This will relieve the government of the burden of unemployment, as the dependence on the government for job creation will be reduced; the government will treat citizens with respect and dignity. When the state authority is civil with civilians, they in turn will be civil to the government.

There would also be re-orientation, training, and retraining of security personnel. A reform of the security outfits and proper monitoring of the units to prevent manhandling of the citizens could lead to resentment, thereby hindering the effective discharge of their duties. Government policies will be proactive and not reactive as insecurity could lead to an untimely death, economic regression, and social unrest. Bishop Emeka Nwankpa is the only candidate that has taken the time to understudy these realities and has prepared ready answers to them.

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Good state security shall increase the internally generated revenue of the state, as potential investors will be enthusiastic about moving to the state. It enhances trust between the leaders and the led. It assures the safety of lives and property. It reduces operational costs for the government, resulting from damages and repairs. The key actors in promoting the security of the state include the state government, the Nigerian security personnel, Parents, Schools, and the citizens, each of these strata shall be strengthened.


A good healthcare delivery system reduces the mortality rate. It reduces costs because prevention is less expensive than treatment. It increases efficiency at work, and by extension, increases work productivity in the state. It reduces absenteeism from work and increases longevity and lifespan. It is also helpful to the vulnerable in society (children, women of childbearing age, retirees). By providing essential health services to the senior citizens and other citizens mentioned above, those who cannot afford the services, are relieved. These senior citizens have dedicated their service to the state, but sadly, they live in pitiable conditions in old age. Young children deserve free access to good healthcare. These children, who are the leaders of tomorrow, could have some deformities if they’re not properly immunized or well attended to medically. Deformities arising from healthcare neglect could deprive society of a quality workforce. The government of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa, would therefore allocate a good budget to the health sector and also ensure the proper and timely execution of health projects.

Achieving a working Abia state with a workable policy framework is not rocket science and must be viewed as sacrosanct, a priority that every well-meaning leader must tackle headlong, this is why the candidacy of Bishop Emeka Nwankpa is a project centered on reality and the task to rescue Abia state from the economic downturn, underdevelopment and impunity that has crippled her for decades, but there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

Bishop Dr. Emeka Michael Nwankpa is here for the rescue.

…to be continued.