Top Media Aide of Abia State's Governor Resigns from Duty

Re; Resignation Letter


I have watched with dismay the deafening silence of PDP led government concerning the overall well-being of Ndi Abia.

As a media professional and good governance advocate.

I, have, over the years, patiently sought the understanding and empathy of my dear GOVERNOR, yet all my interventions were rebuffed.

Sadly, It is my belief that this government do not reflect my ideal society.


I wish to reiterate my sincerest thanks to Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, for giving me the rare privilege to serve our people and to Queen Victoria my sweet wife, whose endless prayers sustained me; my two beautiful daughters, Zara and Favor, my priceless gifts.

I, have played my part! I have finished strong!

Abia shall rise again from the ashes of misgovernance.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Comrade Chika Art Adiele
Senior Special Assistant to Abia state Governor on Media.